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Senior officials were expelled from the party for maliciously slandering party and state leaders

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Senior officials were expelled from the party for maliciously slandering party and state leaders

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In a decision published Sunday on the websites of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China and the State Supervisory Commission, Wei Bin, the former deputy head of the inspection team of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, was expelled from the party on a very rare charge: “Maliciously slandering the party and the country. leader”. How to “maliciously slander”, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection refused to disclose.

Some analysts pointed out that, at least, from the way Wei Bin was dealt with, it can be seen that from “discussing the central government” to “defaming the party and state leaders”, the means of the Xi Jinping regime’s control of officials and the qualitative nature of “disloyalty” to officials have escalated step by step. .

From “discussing the central government” to “maliciously slandering the party and state leaders”, the accusations are becoming more and more personal. There is no doubt that the emergence of this statement or characterization should be the result of the CCP’s escalating personality cult towards Xi Jinping in recent years, so that “malicious slander” can be used to block all those who dare to express a little dissatisfaction with the top leader himself in private. any official.

According to the official website, Wei Bin is an “inner ghost” of discipline inspection who has retired for nearly five years. Before listing a lot of traditional crimes against Wei Bin, the Disciplinary Committee’s primary crime is “criminal of anti-corruption work”. He did not explain the details of why Wei Bin “maliciously slandered the leaders of the party and the state”, but “criticizing the anti-corruption work” obviously touched a crucial nerve. Because of the widespread corruption of CCP officials, anti-corruption has become one of Xi Jinping’s use of his power since he came to power. It is a weapon to clear all kinds of dissatisfied forces and cleanse dissidents internally.

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Xi Jinping ruled the world at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all dissident forces were almost “zeroed out”, and the selective anti-corruption campaign of the past ten years “has made great contributions”, many senior officials are accused of “two-faced people” and “disloyal to the party”, After being sacked in the party for “gang gangs”, they were charged with “corruption” when they were tried in court. Therefore, “criticizing anti-corruption work” is like criticizing Xi Jinping’s use of anti-corruption to open the way for him to “unify the world“.

Just two weeks after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China closed, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s handling of Wei Bin on such charges is obviously sending a new signal to the party’s senior officials, and the party leaders must not be offended in the slightest, otherwise Yin Jian will not be far away.

While dealing with Wei Bin, a former department-level cadre who has retired for five years, he also sent another signal, that the so-called “20-year retrospective investigation” on senior officials is not just a fright, don’t think that you will be safe after retirement. Leaders, as usual, can be expelled from the party and then handed over to justice.

Another revelation from this case is that when the CCP’s personal cult of Xi Jinping is on the rise, it is accompanied by the prevalence of whistle-blowing. Wei Bin retired safely in 2017, when did he slander the party and state leaders, and on what occasions? The location is unclear. The analysis points to the possibility of venting dissatisfaction in private. The circle of friends said a word or two of “attacking the leader”, and the result was reported by someone. This is also a kind of warning. Yes, there are ears everywhere.

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