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All Liaoning officials pass the physical test

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Original Title: All Liaoning Official Propaganda Members Pass Physical Test Liu Yanyu Touches High and Sets CBA Historical Record

On October 5th, Beijing time, the CBA team, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team, officially issued an announcement stating that all members of the team have passed the new season physical test.

Today, all the members of the Liaoning team were in the 2021-2022 CBA League physical fitness test at the Hunnan Training Base of the Liaoning Sports Development Center. The players who participated in the test passed the physical fitness test. This physical fitness test is divided into athletes’ body data collection (height, weight, arms span, standing touch height, in-situ jump touch height, approach run and jump touch height, 3/4 field sprint, restricted area movement, etc.) and special tests (2 Minute intensity shooting and special return run test).

18 of the 19 registered players of the Liaoning team in the 21-22 CBA League participated in this physical fitness test (Liu Zhixuan did not participate in the test due to injury), including special test items except for Zhao Jiwei (exempt from the national team) and Zhang Zhenlin (exempt from the national team) Except for Han Dejun, Li Xiaoxu (exempt for 30 years old and above), Guo Ailun (the club can apply for one exemption), and Wu Changze (only participated in physical data collection due to injury), the rest of the players all passed successfully and obtained the “qualification for employment” in the new season.

It is especially worth mentioning that in the data collection session this morning, these young people all want to show their ability to fly higher and higher. Among them, Liu Yanyu, who set the first place in the team in physical testing last year, reached the first place in the team, and achieved a score of 5cm more than last year in the jump and touch – this is also the first place among all the CBA players currently participating in the test. .

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Last year, Liu Yanyu’s touch height was 3.71 meters, and this year his touch height reached 3.76 meters, which is the highest height in the history of the CBA physical test.

In the regular season last season, the Liaoning team’s record was 45 wins and 9 losses and ranked second in the standings. After eliminating Guangsha and Zhejiang in the playoffs, the Liaoning team lost 1-2 to Guangdong in the finals.Return to Sohu to see more


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