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Bremer: “I made the right choice, I want to win and grow further”

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Bremer: “I made the right choice, I want to win and grow further”

The former grenade explains his move to Juve for the first time

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The shoulders are wide, and the strikers who rebounded badly against him in the last Serie A know it well, but it’s not just a matter of physique. Gleison Bremer knew that Torino would be furious about his move to Juventus, but I had no doubts when the bianconeri contacted him to replace De Ligt. And in the same way he did not tremble when he asked Giorgio Chiellini (“My idol”) to be able to take the iconic number 3 to start this adventure. Three weeks have passed since that first eventful Juventus day, and in the middle the Brazilian defender has already made his debut in the American tour, but now the time has come for his truths and explanations of him after having inflamed the city.

Bremer talks about how he plays: across the board and with an open heart, all the more so when he has to explain why he chose Juve. «I know that the fans of Toro are angry – says the former grenade -, but I ask them a question: if they had children, wouldn’t they want the best for them? Would they say no if they wanted to aim for something better? ‘ Evidently Bremer asked himself the question in the hottest days of the negotiations, when the Bianconeri overtook Inter by offering 41 million euros plus 9 bonuses for his card. «I had wanted to change teams for two years – he added – with the aim of always improving. I made the right choice and there is nothing wrong with that because I want to win and grow further ».

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He must have read the insults on social media, but in this move he had already taken them into account. «We know what the fans are like – he comments -: the more they are attached to the shirt, the more it eats, but this is my job and I never said I would not come here. I’m at Juve to win and I thank Toro for these four beautiful years ».

After the first Italian chapter, where he learned to wait (just 5 appearances in 2018/19) and above all to defend (“I thank Mazzarri and Juric who made me make the leap in quality”), now Bremer is looking forward to fight for Scudetto, Champions and World Cup. «I hope in the call-up with Brazil – he smiles – and Juve helps me to have an international showcase. There are Danilo and Alex Sandro who can help me: it won’t be easy, but I have to try ».

The biggest difficulty will be learning how to move in a four-man defense, since he has always played in a three-man defense. «So I became one of the best in Italy – he underlines -, but when a player is strong he has to adapt to everything. It’s a bit different from 3 to 4: I’m working hard, watching videos and I want to be ready in the league. The great teams all play four sides and this is also why I am at Juventus: it will be difficult, but I want to do it ». A hand could come from Allegri’s decision to launch the 3-5-2 after the purchase of Kostic: a solution tested also in the last test and perhaps reproducible already for Monday evening, when Sassuolo will be on stage at the Stadium. «We want to start the championship well – he analyzes – and we are pissed off having lost 4-0 to Atletico Madrid. Even in a friendly match, Juve always wants to win ». Bremer quickly understood the Juventus spirit, even more so after the Juventus “baptism” in Villar Perosa with that visit to the Agnelli family’s shrine, but in recent weeks he has kept a direct line with Chiellini to immediately get in tune with Juve. «I had already spoken with him two years ago, when I wanted to leave Toro, and he told me not to be influenced by the role on the field. I’m the most critical person with myself, when I get home I always think where I can improve and Juventus is also this: I don’t feel the weight of responsibility, but I’m ambitious and I’m here to win ». –

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