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Casadei, feasting on titles: six gold medals at the Italian championships

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Casadei, feasting on titles: six gold medals at the Italian championships

The Canavese of Candia has imposed himself on all distances, from 200 to one thousand meters “Three unforgettable days, the World Championships in September”


Yet another trip full of satisfactions that just passed by the canoeist from Candia Gabriele Casadei, bearer of the Fiamme Oro in Lazio in Castel Gandolfo.

The Canavese champion in the three days of competitions, from Friday 5th to last Sunday, August 7th, obtained six gold medals at the Italian speed canoe championships in the under 23 category.

Casadei immediately won two golds on the first day of competition: the first in the specialty C1 1.000 m employing 4’14”09, before repeating himself then also in the C2 1.000 m together with his teammate Dawid Szela, with the final time of 3 ’56’ ’29. On Saturday another double gold medal: first in the C2 500m always with Dawid Szela (1’45”39) and then in the C4, together with Dawid and Kristian Szymon Szela and Samuele Veglianti in 1’42”80.

Finally, also on Sunday Casadei managed to conquer two golds: both in the C2 200 m, together with Dawid Szela and in the C4 always from 200 m (the same team of the test over the 500 m distance), the Candiese champion completed the course respectively in 37”80 and 38”44.

Satisfied with the three days, on his return to Candia Canavese, already in the late evening of Sunday 7 August, he said: «I spent an unforgettable three days – affirms Casadei -. Moving on to analyze the six races, in the first, the C1 1,000 m, I was able to start immediately in the lead and then I was good at controlling the race until the end. The same goes for the next race, that is the C2 1,000 m with Dawid Szela, with whom I won the European Under 23 Championship last year. Even in the C2 500 m things got immediately good, while in the C4 we had to suffer more, also because the Cus Torino was tough – explains Casadei -. Finally, in the two 200m trials we have always been ahead and led the race we wanted ».

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Casadei does not even have the time to enjoy this deserved success obtained at Lake Albano, who must already think about the next commitments: “On Tuesday 16 I will leave with the national team for the retreat always in Castel Gandolfo, where we will prepare the Under 23 world championship in Hungary. , scheduled from Thursday 1st September to Sunday 4th – says Casadei -. We will have to train with great concentration and determination in every single detail, because we know very well that the bar in the Hungarian land will rise and it will not be easy to repeat the results obtained at the Italian speed canoe championships in Castel Gandolfo ». –

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