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The first ice surface of the short track speed skating World Cup finals wins praise

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Short track speed skating World Cup finale’s first ice surface won praise
2 events broke the world record 5 times; the Chinese team won 2 gold medals and 3 medals

From October 21st to 24th, the 2021-2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup Beijing will be held at the Capital Gymnasium. 232 athletes from 37 countries and regions successfully completed various events.

This competition is a qualifying event for the Beijing Winter Olympics. There are 9 sub-events including 500 meters for men and women, 1000 meters for men and women, 1500 meters for men and women, 5000 meters relay for men, 3000 meters relay for women and mixed team relay. The competition produced 9 gold medals and 27 medals. The Chinese team won 2 gold medals and 3 medals, the South Korean team and the Dutch team each won 2 gold medals, and the Polish team, the Russian team, and the Hungarian team each won 1 gold medal.

The reporter learned that in the 2000-meter mixed relay and the women’s 3000-meter relay, the South Korean team, the Dutch team, and the Chinese team broke the world record five times.

Venue guarantee

Realize the conversion of figure skating and short track speed skating venues in one day

During the test competition, the Capital Gymnasium will undertake two competitions, figure skating and short track speed skating. On October 16, the 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open held at the Capital Gymnasium ended successfully. On October 17, the venue completed the conversion from figure skating to short track speed skating in an orderly manner as planned, and realized a gorgeous turn from the “most beautiful ice” figure skating venue to the “fastest ice” short track speed skating venue in one day.

According to Li Wenge, deputy director of logistics of the stadium group operation team of the Capital Gymnasium, in order to ensure the best ice effect, the stadium team actively communicates with foreign ice makers. Emergency response and continuous improvement of ice surface quality.

In the 2000-meter mixed relay and the women’s 3000-meter relay, the South Korean team, the Dutch team, and the Chinese team broke the world record five times. Athletes from various countries praised the first body on the ice. The ISU event manager, the representative of the ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating Technical Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympics ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating Technical Representative spoke highly of the stadium and ice surface quality and the service guarantee work of this test competition, and I am very looking forward to the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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Epidemic prevention and control

Quickly start the “third shot” of new crown vaccination

Recently, epidemics have appeared in many places in China. The Haidian Organizing Committee quickly checked the staff and their staying staff outside the closed loop of the resident hotels and venues. They had no history of travel or business trips to the epidemic-related areas, and none of them had contact with people exposed in the epidemic-related areas.

The Haidian Organizing Committee quickly launched the “third shot” of the new crown vaccine to strengthen the immune barrier and ensure the smooth progress of the event. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of short track speed skating competitions such as the large number of players, the dense competition rounds, and the high difficulty of organization, the venues and territories have strengthened comprehensive research and judgment, and arranged special personnel for docking to ensure full coverage of health monitoring, no omissions in nucleic acid testing, and no point disinfection. Dead spots, no hidden dangers to public health, no overnight garbage removal.

Chen Jing, deputy head of the accommodation security work service security team of the Haidian District Operation Security Command of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, and director of the Haidian District Cultural Tourism Bureau, said when introducing the epidemic prevention work during the accommodation reception, the test competition Strengthen the protection of epidemic prevention in the aspects of “human defense”, “material defense”, and “technical defense”.

All personnel staying in the hotel live in closed-loop management. Athletes and event staff “hotel + venue” are two points and one line. When entering and leaving the main building of the hotel, they must scan the code and check the temperature at the digital sentinel to ensure that the daily nucleic acid test is negative before they can go to the venue. At the same time, an external enclosure was built on the periphery, and the hotel organized daily preventive killings in public areas, guest rooms, and restaurants in accordance with the epidemic prevention operation specifications. The daily killing area of ​​a single hotel reached more than 3,000 square meters; the domestic garbage in the closed loop was specially designed in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. Handling and clearing. A pass code verification device is set up, which integrates health treasure and big data itinerary functions, effectively avoiding the accumulation of passenger flow. Use digital sentinel points, aerosol detection, disinfection robots and other technological means to improve prevention and control capabilities.

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Event organization

Venue facilities can be rented or not purchased to reduce costs

In terms of event protection, the venue team has increased the inspections of technology, electricity, fire protection, security, and infrastructure. In particular, the frequency of maintenance of technical equipment such as end screens, timing and scoring, and relay signals has been strengthened to ensure safe and reliable operation.

In terms of event broadcasting, in accordance with the requirements of the ISU, China Central Broadcasting and Television Headquarters has set up 26 seats and installed on-site audio recording devices, using the latest 4K ultra-high-definition live broadcast technology and equipment, and used 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting trucks for the first time.

Li Wenge introduced that in terms of venue facilities, under the premise of ensuring the demand for the event and not reducing the level of preparation, the principle of renting not buying is adhered to, and the cost of facilities is greatly reduced. A large number of facilities will be retained for reuse during the Winter Olympics.

volunteer service

125 social volunteers participated in the service

Xiyuan Hotel will ensure the safe and fast check-in of 354 foreign guests on October 17. The Xiyuan Hotel Resident Operation Guarantee Team actively coordinated the competition team and various hotel departments, worked closely with the arrival and departure team, and completed the task by means of time-sharing disembarkation, group guidance, zoning arrangements, and team issuance.

“Each team holds the signs of each country according to the division of labor, so that the team leaders and team members of each country can find the docking person at a glance. Each team runs and shuttles, evacuates and mobilizes to help foreigners collect passports, check in, distribute room cards, carry luggage, and guide check-in. A group of 209 guests all entered the room within 35 minutes.” Chen Jing introduced.

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In terms of catering, Xiyuan Hotel provides a total of more than 1,500 catering services every day, and 400 tea breaks in the venues. Taking into account the dietary habits of foreign athletes, 70% Western food is used with 30% Chinese food.

In terms of voluntary services, 167 public civilization guides and 125 social volunteers were deployed at 12 key points around the capital stadium complex and 2 urban volunteer service sites to participate in information consultation, road guidance, order maintenance, and civilized publicity, etc. volunteer service. As of the 24th, volunteers in the outer cities of the first body have served more than 1,200 hours and have served more than 10,000 people.

“On October 24, the Beijing Station of the Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup ended successfully. As of 8:18 on the 25th, the 390 athletes and team officials from various countries who had stayed in Haidian District had already rushed to the next schedule with the affection and kindness of the Chinese people. “Chen Jing introduced.

Beijing News reporter Wu Wei


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