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Valchiusella, a new club is born. The title of Second is acquired

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A new football club has been born, in Valchiusella, it is the Asd Valchiusella, chaired by Carlo Giglio who will make use of the collaboration of Alessandro Vigna, Massimo Algieri, Marco Franza, Stefano Agnesod, Tommaso Maneglia, Fabio Bizzotto, Domenico Zucca, Roberto Lomuscio, Sergio Gedda and Denis Zerbato. The coach will be Davide Scapino.

Asd Valchiusella took over the second category football sports title from Asd Valchiusella 1999. Andrea “Chicco” Ferraro, historical sporting director of this club, explains: «In recent days a news has appeared in some local press: that the our company would change its management. It is inaccurate. The presidency and the Board of Asd Valchiusella 1999 are and will remain unchanged, until a date to be decided. The only difference is that from now on our association will deal with sporting initiatives other than football ». A promotion from the Third to the Second category, the conquest of the Scudetto in the latter, the promotion from the second to the first, a semi-final and a regional Cup final. This is the palmares of Asd Valchiusella 1999. Adds “Chicco” Ferraro: «My choice, shared by the president Antonello Mabritto, favored by this interminable period of uncertainty, was dictated by the desire to seek new stimuli. And it is with great pleasure that we have sold the sporting title to the new club, so that it can continue the football activity undertaken in Valchiusella in 1999. We leave the players in the hands of a group of managers who already know them and who will surely lead them to join excellent results soon. Above all Massimo Algieri, who with the experience gained over the years, will be able to make a difference ».

The squad of players entrusted to Davide Scapino will not differ much from that of the last few seasons. President Carlo Giglio is enthusiastic at the beginning of his adventure at the helm of the newborn company: «There is great enthusiasm around our project. We hope that this new adventure will give us the satisfactions that we all expect ». –

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