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And the CO2 problem becomes a resource

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And the CO2 problem becomes a resource

This article is part of the special Tech4Climate, Startups for the environment by Italian Tech, on newsstands today 6 October with The print (Piedmont, Val d’Aosta and Liguria editions), Sentinel of the Canavese, The Province of Pavia, Journal of Mantua, Courier of the Alps, The Tribuna of Treviso, Il Mattino di Padova, The New Venice, Il Piccolo e The Messenger Veneto, and tomorrow 7 October with The XIX Century.

He invented a system for to store energy from the sun and wind based on CO?. Turning a problem into an opportunity. And he has already created the first storage facility in Ottana, Sardinia. Claudio Spadacini, 51 years old, serial entrepreneur, has been working in the sector for 25 years. “Energy is life. It is the basis of development. Access to energy is what determines well-being”. He soon realized that renewable energies, in order to make a significant contribution to the world and be used when they are needed, need storage. Realizing that there was a missing link, he dedicated himself to the problem. “I studied and analyzed all the existing technologies and then I asked myself: is there a better way to conserve energy?”.

Analysis – The Italian Tech special

It’s time for environmental startups, the next tech giants will come from there

by Arcangelo Rociola

In 2020, Spadacini invents CO? Battery, a new revolutionary technology. And he founded the startup Enegy Dome which today is already a scaleup. He raised 25 million euros from Barclay, 360Capital, Cdp Venture Capital Sgr- National Innovation Fund, Novum Capital. He has 25 employees. “Is it a simple and innovative technology, which overcomes the criticalities of the others and exploits CO?. Which besides the negative property of causing the greenhouse effect, also has thermodynamic properties. It is a fluid that allows you to work at room temperature in one small space: it is ideal for long-term energy storage. It is a ready-to-use, competitive, efficient and readily available solution “.

Mechanical engineer, Spadacini is in his fourth company again in the energy sector. A great expert on the subject, he has worked in the past in biogas plants, developed turbines for the production of energy from geothermal, created a hydroelectric plant. And after understanding the thermodynamic process that exploits the capacity of CO? to expand and store energy, he patented it. “Now the next challenge is to build a successful company. We aim to create plants that allow 8-10 hours of storage all over the world. Our customers are companies that offer public services, such as Eni, Edison, A2A … “.

The facility, which lasts 30 years, is similar to a dome (hence the name Dome), which is a balloon made of the same material as tennis courts.

The special of Italian Tech – Piedmont

Three green techs that innovate on light, food and air

by Giuditta Mosca

“The idea is there, the technology is simple, we have a great team of engineers and innovators. The biggest difficulties? Are those of working in a conservation sector and proposing new solutions. But something is changing and there are possibilities for to do it”.

Energy Dome is considered one of the most promising clean techs. “Working in this world that has a very strong social impact has always been my passion. And making a creative contribution to the sector is my driving force”.

To the founders, Spadacini says: “If you want to innovate, learn a lot and never take anything for granted. Always start by studying the existing basis of the sector and then find a new way. Dreaming big. With the ambition to always say: I I could do it ten times better. “

Startup News

Ambiente, the round of Green Future Project

by Alessio Nisi

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