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The digital school for personalized and relationship-based training

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The digital school for personalized and relationship-based training

«Beating the Fordism of education with adaptive and personalized training: training is the right to the future». And the future of the school must necessarily come to terms, already today, with a constantly evolving reality: the world of education must therefore leave behind the Fordist model of standardized and hierarchical work, as companies have already done.

Marco Bentivogli, former trade unionist and national coordinator of Base Italia, cites only one figure – 65% of primary school children will do a job that does not exist today – to represent this new reality at the opening of the States General of the digital school, the annual appointment organized by ImparaDigitale for an open discussion between students, teachers and school administrators on the future of the school.

The acceleration of the transition which implies the need for flexible and continuous learning throughout the life of individuals requires a didactic renewal that can no longer be postponed. «It is a question of winning people back with a significant relationship: therefore transversal skills, the so-called soft skills, are becoming increasingly important, in particular those linked to social issues and those that bring the focus back to the centrality of people», continues Bentivogli.

Faced with the pervasiveness of the digital, it is therefore ever more urgent to recover humanism, not in opposition to technology, but as an enhancement of the human in the new context.

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That the world of work has radically changed is also underlined by Agostino Santoni, vice president of Confindustria for digital: «We must regain our taste for the future! So we need to understand how to take advantage of the digital transformation to ferry the country into the new reality”. Especially since “in the knowledge society, training is the first tool of emancipation to build equality in society”, underlines Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo who has launched a community pact in an attempt to combat educational poverty, early school leaving and marginalization of NEETs, young people who are not looking for work and are not even training me.

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