Home Technology The optical fiber does not feel the crisis (and inflation). The best offers

The optical fiber does not feel the crisis (and inflation). The best offers

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The optical fiber does not feel the crisis (and inflation).  The best offers

Everything increases in Italy apart from the price of optical fiber. On the contrary: now the rates are under 25 euros per month. Good news, finally. Especially since we really needed it in this period. In September, back firmly in their main home, with a football championship that requires a good internet line on TV (with Dazn), the time is right to have a better connection. Or even to change operator and thus save something, at least on the cost of the internet, thanks to the latest offers available.

Guide to offers with football

The best at the moment, according to an analysis of the operators’ sites, are reserved for those who have another service with that same company. Like the tv of Sky, in the case of this operator’s fiber. Or a sim Vodafone o Wind, for the fiber offers of the two operators. Under these conditions, the price of the fiber offer drops significantly. At 22.99 euros per month, with Wind 3, plus 9.99 euros for activation: it is the lowest price at the moment. Speed ​​up to 1 Gigabit per second and in addition you get the unlimited GB bonus applicable on three mobile sims that the user chooses to associate with this fixed offer. Attention: for users in the “white area”, in short, covered by fiber with public funds, the cost goes up a lot (34.90 euros plus 99 euros for activation). They will want to look for other offers. With Vodafone the price rises to 24.90 euros per month and the speed to 2.5 Gigabits per second. Note that he is the only one to give such high speed.Sky grants a discounted price of 22.90 euros per month for 18 months (after: 29.90 euros per month) to already users of his TV, with speed at 1 Gigabit . Same speed with Tim, but without constraints, and a fairly low price: 24.90 euros per month. With these last three operators the activation is free, as with Fastweb which asks 25.95 euros per month and gives up to 1 Gigabit. It is understood that this speed is only for those who are covered by fiber up to the houses, that is about 40 percent of the population. The others will have a much lower speed for the same price, 100-200 megabits depending on the zones, with fiber technology up to the cabinets. There remains a share of about 5 percent of Italians who are not even covered by this technology and they would have ADSL or fixed wireless access. Between the two, the latter is better. We have to see which operator covers us with this technology at better conditions. By line asks € 19.90 per month for twelve months, after € 24.90, for 1 Gigabit (maximum speed which, however, is not comparable to that fiber, first choice technology for ultra-broadband). Same price for Aeolus but speeds of 30 Megabits, which rise to 100 and 200 Megabits if we add 5 or 8 euros respectively to the fee.

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Le offerte fixed wireless

Even the big operators have fixed wireless offers. Tim at € 24.90 per month for 40 Megabits; 100 megabits per second with 2 euros more, same price with Vodafone, with 100 megabits per second for the first 200 GB downloaded (in addition, the speed is greatly reduced, to 3 megabits: let’s forget streaming) .Wind 3 for fixed wireless has the same offer of € 22.90 per month, under the same conditions (you need a Wind 3 sim).

Who does not have fiber for?

If we are not covered by the fiber, let’s take a tour of the operators’ sites and enter our address to understand who covers us with the fixed wireless and then choose the one that suits us best. With 100 Megabits, streaming will not be a problem. Dazn says that 6 Megabit are enough for HD e Netflix suggests 25 Megabits for 4K. However, it is better to have a connection much faster than these minimum levels, to avoid problems and also to be able to allow other family members to use it at the same time. We also take into account that the speed declared by the operators is the maximum one; the real one is less. Even much lower in the case of fixed wireless or fiber up to the cabinets. A further loss of speed, moreover, is due to the home Wi-Fi connection. In short, better abound, if we are lucky enough to be well covered by Italian operators.

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