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The two reasons why (maybe) YouTube will make us pay to watch videos in 4K

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The two reasons why (maybe) YouTube will make us pay to watch videos in 4K

Where the annoying do not seem to have arrived pop-ups that continually invite you to “upgrade to Premium” and “try Premium for a month” and “activate the trial period”, maybe 4K could arrive.

According to some screenshots circulated in recent days first on Reddit and then on Twitter and refer to the YouTube app for iOS, Google’s video platform would be testing the possibility of making UHD resolution a paid option. Note reserved only for subscribers to the Premium service.

The bills in your pocket

From wifi to TV series, from music to books: for your digital life you spend 130 euros a month, but maybe you don’t know it

by Emanuele Capone, Pier Luigi Pisa

As you can see from the screen, when you go to select the resolution to play the video, the 2160p option (ie 4K) is blocked and can only be activated by switching to Premium: in practice, it means that without paying you will not be able to go up beyond 1440p, which is still only HD, but still not clear if and when this novelty will arrive everywhere or if it will really arrive everywhere or (maybe) it will be alone limited to smartphone viewing. Which is something that might even make sense, for reduce the flow of data out of YouTube’s serverswhich is steadily increasing as people use the platform.

On the other hand, the increasingly widespread use of YouTube in the last two years (thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns) could have pushed Google to try to increase revenue that come from the site, which has already seen the presence of advertisements grow considerably compared to 2019 and 2020. On social networks there are also those who ironically put forward hypotheses bordering on the absurd: “Imagine if they lowered it enough to make us return to see the movies in 144p, as if it were 2010“.

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How much does YouTube Premium cost

The 4K resolution was posted widely by YouTube between 2015 and 2016first for uploads and then also for streaming contents, but it is only in the last couple of years, also thanks to the wider diffusion of televisions, monitors, computers (and even smartphones) able to exploit it, that it has become now almost a foregone presence.

In Italy, YouTube Premium also includes YouTube Music, costs 11.99 euros per month (after a free trial period of 3 months), it allows you to watch videos without advertising, even in the background and also to download them.

We asked Google Italy for a comment on these rumors: we will update this page as soon as we have an answer

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