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Biden: the US-France alliance essential in defending democracy

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Biden: the US-France alliance essential in defending democracy

«The alliance between France and the United States is essential for the defense of democracy. France and the USA, together with Europe and the G7, are united in facing Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine”. Joe Biden said this when welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Dame Brigitte to the White House. The face-to-face between Biden and Macron will focus on various international dossiers, from Ukraine to China to Iran, up to the issue that can overheat relations between the two sides of the Atlantic: the subsidies contained in the anti-inflation law launched by the US administration, accused by the Elysée of damaging the French and European economies and splitting the West. Biden reaffirmed his harmony with the French president. «The temperature today is cold but our hearts are warmed by friendship. It is an honor to host you on the first state visit of my administration,” added the American president.

Macron: no level playing field on the economy

In short, a two-track relationship between the two leaders is confirmed: agreement on Ukraine, some sparks in economic policies. On the war front in Eastern Europe, Macron said in an interview with ABC that the US and Europe are working together and that he believes a negotiating table with Vladimir Putin is “still possible”. However, the French president stressed that “a just peace is not a peace that can be imposed on the Ukrainians” and that “a just peace is not a peace that in the medium or long term would not be accepted by one of the two parties”.

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The scenario, Macron himself said, becomes less serene when “some economic issues” are touched, including the purchase of gas and energy-related prices in which there are “completely different situations” between the two continents. The French president also cited the US climate law and semiconductor legislation, which, according to him, have not been adequately coordinated with Europe and have created “the absence of a level playing field”. “I’m here,” Macron said, “to realign the United States and the European Union and build new ambitions for the future.”

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