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US media: Hurricane “Ada” has caused 82 deaths in the United States, energy shortages in many places in Louisiana|Louisiana|USA_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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Original title: US media: Hurricane “Ada” has killed 82 people in the United States, and many places in Louisiana have energy shortages. Source: Chinanews.com

China News Agency, San Francisco, September 8th. US media reported on the 8th local time that Hurricane Ida has caused 82 deaths in many states across the United States since it landed in Louisiana in the southern United States on August 29. Electricity has not been restored in many parts of Louisiana, and supplies such as fuel and drinking water are in short supply.

CBS reported that Louisiana health officials announced on the 8th that there were 11 new deaths related to “Ada”, and the state’s death toll rose to 26. At least seven nursing home residents in Louisiana died after being transferred to a storage facility. After “Ada” landed, more than 800 residents from 7 nursing homes were placed in the facility. The image shows that the environment in the facility is harsh.

In addition, 52 people and 4 people were killed in the northeastern and southeastern parts of the United States as a result of “Ada”. The official total number of deaths in the United States has increased to 82.

The Associated Press reported that after Category 4 hurricane “Ada” landed in the United States on the 29th, more than 1 million homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi were cut off. ABC reported that Entergy Energy said on the 8th that 70% of the 948,000 customers who lost power in the southern United States have restored power. As power is almost fully restored, New Orleans, Louisiana, lifted the night curfew on the 8th. A team of 26,000 workers is repairing electrical equipment. The company estimates that some severely affected areas are not expected to restore power until the 29th of this month.

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Reuters reported that oil production from offshore oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico accounted for approximately 17% of the total US production. On the 7th, about 80% of the production capacity in the region has not been restarted, and 79 production platforms are still closed. According to the information on the GasBuddy website, currently, approximately 48% and 56% of gas stations in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are unable to provide gasoline to users.

The Louisiana Department of Health reports that there are still about 62,000 people in the state without tap water. In many affected communities, residents still cannot return to their homes. Approximately 3,200 people live in shelters, and another 25,000 live in hotels through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s transitional shelter program. On the 8th, Louisiana education official Cade Brunley pointed out that due to the influence of “Ada”, there are still 250,000 local students unable to attend classes.


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