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Ansaldo, 100 million contract in Kazakhstan

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Ansaldo, 100 million contract in Kazakhstan

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A contract in Kazakhstan worth approximately 100 million euros for the supply of two gas turbines, two generators as well as assistance and maintenance. Ansaldo Energia (Aen) has signed the agreement with Kbi Energy group (a company of the Kazakh state group Samruk Energy); an agreement that is part of the Almaty Chpp-3 reconstruction project, which involves the construction of a modern natural gas-fired power plant in place of an old coal-fired one

The signature, made by Stefano Gianatti, executive vice president new units of Ansaldo and by Adilbek Sergaliyev, CEO of KBI, in the presence of the CEO of AEN, Fabrizio Fabbri, follows the Reservation agreement stipulated at the end of 2023, which provided for the customer , a pre-emption on the production lines, in order to have the guarantee of rapid delivery.

Strengthened relations with Kazakhstan

The order, they explain in Ansaldo, is part of a path of strengthening and growth of relations between the two countries, not only industrial, but also institutional. Last January 18, in fact, Fabbri and Kairat Maksutov, president of Samruk, signed a collaboration agreement to promote future combined cycle power plant projects in Kazakhstan and encourage the exchange of technological skills and the training of local specialists by of Aen.

The Almaty Chpp-3 reconstruction project fits into that context, which will allow KBI to produce electricity in a more sustainable way and at lower costs. The Ae94.2 turbines that will be used, in fact, are already designed for the use of up to 40% hydrogen mixed with natural gas.

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Technological training hub

«The signing of this contract – states Fabbri – is a demonstration of the customer’s great trust in our skills and abilities, supported by the excellence of the Italian supply chain. I am particularly pleased that the launch of this project is at the same time as the creation of a technological hub for training and skills exchange, which will help consolidate our relations with Kazakhstan in the years to come.”

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