Home Business ATM selling pressure continues, Tencent (00700) opens lower and drops more than 2%

ATM selling pressure continues, Tencent (00700) opens lower and drops more than 2%

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The current price of Tencent (00700) fell 2.47% to 435 yuan. Based on the current price, the stock temporarily fell for 4 consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of 11.59%. Approximately 2.35 million shares were traded in this stock, involving an investment of 1.022 billion yuan.

Tencent (00700) opened low for the fourth consecutive day. The official media “Economic Information Daily” yesterday (3rd) published a 6,000-word article titled “Spiritual Opium” that has grown into an industry of hundreds of billions, directing to the Internet Games are “mental opium” and “electronic drugs”. Tencent’s share price fell yesterday, and the article was deleted. The decline in the stock price narrowed. However, the article was published again in the evening, but the harsh words such as “mental opium” and “electronic drugs” were deleted.

Tencent also quickly announced the introduction of new measures to protect minor game players. It said that it would pilot the “Honor of Kings” and gradually introduce seven new measures of “double reduction, double play, and triple advocacy” for all games. Including the implementation of restrictions on the online duration of underage users, reducing non-holidays from 1.5 hours to 1 hour, and holidays from 3 hours to 2 hours. Minors (elementary school students) under the age of 12 are not allowed to spend in the game. Tencent (00700) opened down 2.47% to 435 yuan.

  Alibaba(09988) fell 1.14% to 191.3 yuan; Meituan (03690) fell 1.32% to 208.8 yuan, based on the current price, the stock temporarily fell for 2 consecutive days, a cumulative decline of 3.33%.

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(Article source: Economic Link China Station)

Article source: Economic Link China Station

Editor in charge: DF506

Original title: “Transferred stocks” ATM selling pressure continued, Tencent (00700) opened lower and fell more than 2%

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