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ZOMBEAST – announce their album “Heart Of Darkness”.

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ZOMBEAST – announce their album “Heart Of Darkness”.

The horror punk metal band ZOMBEAST’s brand new album will be released on May 17th, 2024, their hardest, darkest and wildest work to date! “Heart Of Darkness” released via Massacre Records – licensed by Fiend Force Records.

After their first single, “Red Ripper”, ZOMBEAST have released a music video for their latest album track “The Cycle” online today!

Bassist Jared Smith comments:
“Lyrically, this song is about lycanthropy and the madness that comes with it. This is where Mario Montechello sings at his most aggressive, compared to the other tracks on the album. It’s the fastest song we’ve ever written, and Kyle Smith’s double bass action during the pre-chorus creates a massive wall of sound reminiscent of Metallica’s “Dyers Eve.”

The guitar breakdown was written the night before the studio recording and I think we nailed it considering it was a last minute thing. From my side, the music was heavily inspired by AFI’s “Black Sails In The Sunset.”

Hört „The Cycle“ hier:

Influenced by Danzig, AFI, Mercyful Fate and 80s punk, death rock and thrash metal, ZOMBEAST have created a perfect crossover mix of dark punk and thrash.

The lyrics written by Mario Montechello deal with the real horrors of life, the occult and lycanthropy. With Alex Young (lead guitar) and Kyle Smith (drums), the band is also entering new technical territory that they have never explored before.

Thundering drums and dueling guitars meet iconic vocals on this long-awaited new album – don’t miss “Heart Of Darkness”!

1. Devil’s Whore
2. Red Ripper
3. Call Of The Wild
4. Torso
5. The Cycle
6. Heart Of Darkness
7. Cold Embrace
8. The Witching Bell
9. Night Demon
10. Dark Path

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Album Line-Up:
Mario Montechello – Vocals
Jared Smith – Gitarre, Bass
Alex Young – Gitarre, Bass
Kyle Smith – Drums


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