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Back To Drive, the national popular rally for Mazda MX-5 owners

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To celebrate the return to driving and to normalcy after months of difficulties and limitations, Mazda Italy has organized a special event for owners of the MX-5: the national popular rally “Mazda MX-5 Back to Drive” to be held on Sunday 23 May throughout the national territory.

How the event will take place
The event will take place simultaneously in all regions classified as “yellow zone” and in full compliance with government security protocols. The rally will be followed live by Mazda Radio, the Mazda Italia web radio that will report live the whole day and will be accompanied by a Facebook live broadcast where you can see the images and videos sent by the participants. Each region will have one or more destinations and the itinerary will wind from the home of the individual participant to the most evocative views of each region to better enjoy the driving experience of the MX-5 on the most beautiful roads in Italy. A special role will be played by the MX-5 clubs present on the Italian territory: the MX-5 in its over thirty years of history has infected the passion of more than 15 thousand Italian owners, giving rise to communities that regularly organize local gatherings under the banner of joy of driving and being together.


Special guest Yamamoto, the father of the MX-5
There will be special guests; in fact, at 12:00, when everyone has reached their destination, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, the famous designer who has dedicated a good part of his career to the MX-5 and who designed a sticker for the occasion, will connect live it will be distributed to all those who join. Registrations are already open on the site the site backtodrive.mazda.it. and will close on Thursday 20 May at 18:00.

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