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Car bonus 2024, eco-incentives postponed: here’s why

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Car bonus 2024, eco-incentives postponed: here’s why

The car incentives provided in these days could be postponed by a few weeks, from March to April. Reason: the technical opinions of the Ministries of Economy, Environment and Infrastructure would be missing: the Minister of Made in Italy Adolfo Urso has already announced the arrival of the incentives, but the provision has not yet been presented to the Council of Ministers for final approval. According to what Skytg24 writes, a postponement is therefore probable. With a consequent slowdown in sales because they are conditioned precisely by the approval of incentives. Incentives which, if approved, would guarantee significant state bonuses.

In fact, they range from a minimum of 1500 euros on cars with an emissions range of 61-135 g/km, relating to combustion and hybrid cars mainly in the A, B and C segments with mandatory scrapping of a Euro 4 car, to a maximum of 13,750 euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle by a buyer with a family ISEE of less than 30 thousand euros and vehicle scrapping of Euro 0, 1 or 2. With these prospects, the discount for those who purchase a new car is decidedly attractive .

The provision, however, has not yet been presented to the Council of Ministers: in fact, the joint opinion of the technicians of the ministries involved in a decision which will have to be collegial is missing. Bureaucratic delays that could postpone by a month the green light for car bonuses, initially scheduled to start from March 1st. To all this, then, another detail must be added: the magnifying glass of the Court of Auditors which will have to give the green light and the updating of the online booking portal: a real race against time which could bring everything into forward a month, a month and a half.

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How does it work
But who can access the incentive and how to get it? The state incentive must be deducted from the final price of the car which, it should be underlined, does not replace the discount that all dealerships guarantee to customers during the purchase phase. A double cut on the turnkey price, therefore.

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