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Car inspection, now you pay with Telepass

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Telepass has entered into a partnership with Dekra to offer customers who join the Telepass Pay program the opportunity to book and pay for the overhaul of their car (or motorcycle) through the relevant mobile app available for iOS and Android systems.

The revision can therefore be booked in one of the 212 Dekra centers scattered throughout the Italian territory that have joined the initiative, in particular in Lazio and Lombardy. This new service is added to the 25 already available through the Telepass Pay app, which includes, three other things, other useful options such as the payment of the road tax or parking in the blue lines.


A significant step in the evolution of Telepass was the release of the new “unique” Telepass Pay app which is renewed by integrating traditional services aimed at the world of car ownership with the most innovative and related to smart mobility.

From the end of March it is in fact possible – through a single application developed for all smartphones equipped with an iOS or Android operating system – to access all the services designed by Telepass for its customers: from the management of one’s own on-board device (e.g. change plate, replacement, handling management, etc.) to over 25 dedicated to daily mobility.

The latter include the possibility of paying the car tax, buying fuel, paying for parking and the entrance ticket to Area C in Milan; as well as booking the street washing of your car (through the subsidiary Wash Out), take advantage of sharing mobility (eg: bikes, electric scooters and scooters), up to the subscription of insurance products and services, such as car liability and policies “Instant” linked to everyday mobility.

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