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Claro TV+: The Ultimate Revolution in Television Services

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Claro TV+: The Ultimate Revolution in Television Services

Claro TV Revolutionizes Entertainment Experience with Claro tv+

Claro TV, known as the best and most complete television service in the country, has undergone a revolution and become Claro tv+, offering a more innovative entertainment experience. This new platform integrates multiple streaming services and live local and international channels into a single platform, allowing customers to enjoy it in the comfort of their homes or on the go through any mobile device with an internet connection.

Since its launch last November, more than 5,000 clients have been enjoying the most complete service on the market and its innovative functionalities. Some of the standout features include direct access to popular applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and live streaming programming with a large catalog of on-demand content, series, and free movies from Claro Video. Additionally, customers have access to all Paramount+ content, additional packages, application downloads, music, and video games with Google Play.

One of the key benefits of Claro tv+ is its mobility feature, enabling users to take the TV everywhere they go. All live TV channels can be accessed from the mobile application or web, allowing customers to watch their favorite programs on any device.

Shariff Quiñones, Manager of Fixed Marketing & Data Consumer Segment, expressed the company’s commitment to innovating the portfolio of products and services to adapt to the changing needs of clients. He emphasized the practical alternatives and innovative features that Claro tv+ offers in this era of connectivity and digital transformation, allowing customers to fully enjoy the best experience on the network with the greatest coverage and highest speed in the country.

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Despite the enhanced features and benefits, customers can enjoy all these new offerings at the same price as the previous plans. For more details on plans and prices, visit the company website at www.claro.com.do.

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