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Confindustria, Bonomi to the new government: “We cannot afford flat tax and early retirement”

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Confindustria, Bonomi to the new government: “We cannot afford flat tax and early retirement”

“We can’t afford imaginative flat taxes and early retirement.” According to “the new government following its promises to the voters is simply impossible, because there is a risk of compromising the debt reduction. And the more we deviate from the path negotiated with Europe, the more we risk the awakening of the spread, given that the ECB has bought additional Italian securities, but now this crutch will cease ».
Thus, speaking of the next budget maneuver, the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, who spoke at the general assembly of the Union of Industrialists of Varese. “We cannot afford imaginative flat taxes on Irpef that forget IRAP and IRES. We cannot afford new early retirement instruments that continue to weigh on the INPS budget with respect to the contributions collected, “said Bonomi, assuring that he” does not want to “in any way deny the parties their legitimate desire to pursue the objectives they have described to the government. to the voters “.
A ceiling on the price of gas and a stop to speculation
And then maximum concentration and attention to the expensive energy that is bringing a myriad of small and medium-sized enterprises to their knees. Bonomi, in addressing the issue of the price cap on gas, was clear on this point. “The price cap must be all gas, not just that exported from Russia, especially now that Russian gas is failing,” he says. “We need – he concluded – also a suspension of the Ets market: we believe it is absurd that speculative funds can operate on this market and we need a different index on the Dutch TTF market”. Hence, the importance for Italy of remaining well connected to the train of Europe, without isolation. Bonomi always looks at the energy front and costs. “On energy Italy alone cannot do it: European measures are needed, starting with the gas price ceiling”. A message, too, to leverage those governments that obstruct: “We need shared measures that overcome the vetoes imposed so far, not only by Orban, but by Germany and the Netherlands”, exhorted Bonomi, underlining that “energy is needed a Europe that shares efforts and measures exactly as it has shown itself capable of doing on the sanctions front. We cannot be united on sanctions and then on energy, every country does it alone, leaving the countries most exposed, such as Italy, which does not have its own resources ». «Sharing and solidarity cannot exist on one issue and on the other no, otherwise the risk is to expose businesses and families to asymmetrical blows. In addition to the risk of devastating the idea of ​​a common Europe ”, concluded the president of Confindustria.
Price growth
Another question. Inflation on the one hand and rising consumer prices on the other. «The Nadef presented to Parliament last Wednesday expects growth for 2023 that will drop from 3.4% this year to 0.6%; an excellent figure when compared to that of Germany and the European average, but we must know that it is a forecast inspired by robust optimism, given that Standard & Poor’s has just cut the expected growth of Italy in 2023 to -0.1% and Fitch even to the 0.7% less. This is not about being optimistic or pessimistic; the truth is that no one today is able to make realistic forecasts of the effect on growth that prices will have, whose trends we cannot predict because they follow the infamous decisions of the Russians ”.

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