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Crt, negotiations on Varese’s resignation: the Mef remains out of the game

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Crt, negotiations on Varese’s resignation: the Mef remains out of the game

Crt Foundation, stability at risk

The Crt Foundation finds itself at the center of an internal stormwith disputes and tensions that threaten the stability of the institution. The recent controversies concern an alleged secret pact between outgoing councilor Corrado Bonadeo and other members, which triggered an internal investigation. The Ministry of Economy and Finance rejected any involvement, reiterating its neutrality. It is expected that the council meeting, interrupted last Friday, will be reopened this evening in a tense climate, with the Municipality of Turin and the Region, the major shareholders, closely observing the situation.

Although the discussion focuses on the resignation of the general secretary Andrea Varese, not yet formalised, several councilors seem divided on the topic. Some support the promotion of Massimo Casale, recognized for his skills and neutrality. Meanwhile, the board of directors could also discuss appointments to try to reach a compromise.

In parallel, There is growing attention on the nomination for the CDP board of directors, after the vacancy of Matteo Melley’s position. This seat is particularly coveted, and the CDP assembly could decide his future on May 24. However, the appointments of the leaders could be postponed until after the European elections, further complicating the situation.

The Crt Foundation, with a net worth of over 2.5 billion and disbursements exceeding 70 million in 2023, is a key player in the field of Italian banking foundations. However, recent instability has raised concerns among stakeholders, who they ask for a rapid overcoming of the internal chaos to guarantee the continuity of charitable activities.

Among the proposals to resolve the situation, there is the idea of ​​regulating the assignment of seats on the boards of subsidiaries, currently under the control of the board of directors. This proposal could limit internal positions, promoting greater transparency and stability.

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In addition to internal disputes, there are concerns regarding investments considered risky, such as a vineyard in the Alessandria area and other acquisitions considered outside the traditional scope of the Foundation. These decisions have sparked discontent, both among stakeholders and in ecclesiastical circles.

Finally, the management of Ogr (Officine Grandi Riparazioni) is another urgent issue to address, with three appointments under discussion for the roles of president and CEO. These appointments could affect the internal balance of the CRB Foundation and its ability to effectively manage its assets.

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