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Cuban Businesswoman in Madrid: Bringing Cuban Music and Fashion to the Spanish Capital

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Cuban Businesswoman in Madrid: Bringing Cuban Music and Fashion to the Spanish Capital

Cuban Businesswoman Brings Cuban Music and Fashion to Madrid

The Príncipe Pío interchange in Madrid has become an unexpected hub for Cuban music, thanks to a shoe store run by 43-year-old Eliana González Jorge. Thousands of people passing through the interchange are treated to the sounds of Benny Moré and Los Van Van as they enter or exit the buses, creating a lively atmosphere in the terminal.

González, who has been living in Spain for 20 years, never imagined becoming a business owner. However, after opening her second store in Madrid, she is eager to expand her business and hopes to bring it to the Island. For her, dancing with a Spaniard is not the same as dancing with a Cuban, and she enjoys selling and serving her clients with music, often busting a move herself when she likes them.

The shoe store, affectionately referred to as “Eli’s corner” by terminal workers, has become a symbol of the terminal’s activity. If the music is playing, it means there is a high volume of passenger movement, making it a popular spot for commuters and travelers.

Despite the initial hardship, González is proud of her achievements, having started the business in the midst of the pandemic. Her love for fashion stems from her childhood in Cuba, where her parents supported the family by buying and selling clothes. This passion for fashion has now led her to employ fellow Cubans in her business, creating a sense of community and support among her staff.

One of her employees, Dayana Fernández Alés, spoke about the importance of Cuban music in their business, noting that it attracts customers and creates a vibrant atmosphere in the store. The use of music has proven to be successful, with customers often dancing and enjoying their shopping experience.

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González is now working on opening an online store, with plans to sell her products in Cuba as well. She aims to make deliveries affordable, allowing her products to reach Cubans with minimal cost. Her ultimate goal is to recreate the success of the Yumurí store in Havana, bringing a taste of Cuba to Spain and beyond.

Despite the challenges of starting a business during a pandemic, González remains determined and encourages other Cuban migrants to adapt and pursue their dreams. Her success in Madrid highlights the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of the Cuban community abroad.

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