Home Business Def, Landini: “5 billion is insufficient”. Draghi: “Difficult months, confrontation and pact”

Def, Landini: “5 billion is insufficient”. Draghi: “Difficult months, confrontation and pact”

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Def, Landini: “5 billion is insufficient”.  Draghi: “Difficult months, confrontation and pact”

ROME. “Today is not the time to increase spending on weapons but for the social protection and development of the country”, remarks the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. “Five billion is not enough, we have said that we need a deviation for a maneuver that addresses these problems”, says Landini, specifying that he has raised the question of the ” few funds ” provided by the government, and reported in Def , for the decree of April. The CGIL asks the Draghi government for a “solidarity levy” of 1% on assets above 1.2 million euros to help families and businesses affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The CGIL estimates that this measure could give revenues of 6 billion. “We also asked to overcome the precariousness, going to modify those wrong laws that produced it”, urges Landini, then highlighting that another essential issue on the bench is that of “industrial policy”


Government, trade unions and employers’ associations will meet after Easter, presumably before April 25, to discuss the economic crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine. The trade unions bring the following issues to the attention of the government: loss of purchasing power of wages and pensions, energy costs, precariousness, pension reform, tax reform. «We are interested in the comparison – says Pierpaolo Bombardieri, general secretary of UIL – and we will measure ourselves on the method. We, for example, are asking for the tax wedge to be reduced to the benefit of workers ”. Landini adds: «We need a control room between the government, businesses and trade unions for industrial and energy policy. The government recognizes that we are in a difficult situation to deal with. We are also worried about the actual implementation of the investments envisaged by the NRP ».

Prime Minister Mario Draghi during the meeting with CGIL, CISL and UIL, proposed a permanent and usual format of dialogue with the trade unions to deal with the very complicated months ahead. The premise is that the feeling of social unease is becoming more and more marked. For this, he explains himself, he proposes a pact, which is a working method. We need all the skills to deal with this situation, the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini also agreed.

“Today we have not received answers from the government, there is no satisfaction”, underlines the CGIL leader, reiterating the need to have answers also on pensions. Well about the method. «The proposal to make the confrontation with the structural government become what it will produce we will see. The merit counts ». Landini continues: «We have made specific requests to the government. A moratorium on multis, the blocking of evictions and the increase in the rent fund, increase bonuses to pay bills and increases that have been given to us by inflation, and that bring pensioners and workers with lower incomes of money in pocket”. In addition to the request for “intervention on the highest assets, with levies of solidarity, to protect those who are worse off. We asked to overcome the precariousness, but also to go and change those wrong laws that produced it. We have also raised a theme of industrial policy ‘, with a focus on energy, with respect to which a control room has been requested, because precise choices must be made. For us, Either we invest in renewables or we will always be in an emergency ».

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