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Eleven new start-ups a day, Milan leads the 2021 record

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Seven in one day. Many, in absolute terms, even if it cannot be said that 2021 of start up close with a “bang”. Why do companies registered in the special section of the Business Register on 31 December, with activities ranging from sustainable development to online deliveries, from engineering to blockchains, in strictly numerical terms they lower the average compared to an extraordinary year. Characterized on average over the course of 2021 by more than 11 new registrations per day, Saturdays and Sundays included. Producing, as evidenced by the findings of Infocamere, a total of over 4,200 units.

An activity not stopped by Covid

New significant high, because unlike almost every other indicator of economic activity, from production to export, from business birth to consumption, the birth of new innovative activities had not been stopped at all by the Covid , with 2020 exceeding the threshold of 3 thousand activities on an annual basis for the first time, a jump of 33% compared to the previous year.
Last year saw further progress, a 25% growth in new registrations which brings the total towards 14,100 units (+2,175 compared to the end of 2020, taking into account closures, cancellations, companies that lose the requirements to remain in the start section up etc.), also in this case it is the new high for the Italian system.



Lombardy led by Milan

The leader on a regional basis is once again the Lombardy, driven as usual by Milan, which last year registered 818 initiatives, by far the highest figure among all the Italian provinces. Only Roma (536 new start-ups) manages to have not too distant values, while all the other areas, starting from the third in the ranking, once again Naples (174), follow at a considerable distance.
Being a newly established reality, it is natural to find limited production values, as in fact happens: of the over 4 thousand new activities, just 151 have sales of more than 100 thousand euros in the balance sheets, while already being able to boast a non-episodic presence on the market, with production exceeding one million euro, are only 21 subjects.

The staff employed

A similar situation occurs in the personnel. If almost 3,400 do not present data, the most conspicuous cluster is the 0-4 worker group, which includes 677 subjects. Already rising to 5, the numerical decline is an order of magnitude (just 60 companies), to be reduced to just 8 units in the 20-49 employees range, the largest reported by the sample: no further is possible.
In any case, in terms of size, this is an audience of companies that is starting to have an overall impact that is not entirely negligible: in the third quarter of 2021, between shareholders (almost 5 for each registered start-up) and employees, there were in fact over 80 thousand subjects involved.

The sectors in evidence

From the sectoral point of view, the absolute domination of the digital world continues, with software services, IT consultancy and related activities to concentrate over 2 thousand and 100 realities, more than half of the total. In general, business services are worth three quarters of new registrations while manufacturing activities are rarer, only 16% of the total.

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