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Empowering Hardware and Bathroom Industry Clusters: The Role of Industrial Design

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Jiangmen City in China recently held the 2023 “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition and activities aimed at integrating industrial design into the hardware and sanitary ware industry cluster. Experts from various design organizations were invited to give lectures and showcase cutting-edge technology to demonstrate the potential of industrial design in empowering the development of the industry.

Industrial design plays a crucial role in the hardware and bathroom product sector as it optimizes the function, structure, form, and packaging of products. Chen Yonghang, president of Jiangmen Innovation Design Institute, emphasized the importance of industrial design in leading the market and promoting product innovation and iteration.

The event also highlighted the 2023 “Mayor Cup” Industrial Design Competition, encouraging hardware and sanitary ware companies to improve their industrial design capabilities and participate in the competition to enhance their own development. Chen Yonghang explained the role of the competition in supporting industry, enterprise, and personal development, providing guidance to participants.

The founder of Shenzhen Qianyu Industrial Design Co., Wu Dong, emphasized the impact of industrial design on building a first-class international brand. He highlighted the need for Eastern companies to explore the unique needs and values of their own nation and convey them through products, rather than simply imitating foreign brands. Wu Dong suggested that Jiangmen take the lead in this regard and guide enterprises to prioritize user needs, ultimately building a world-class brand.

Artificial intelligence (AI) was also discussed as a driving force for industrial design. Foshan Gao Zhanhui, CEO of The Force Awakens Artificial Intelligence Technology, demonstrated how AI can generate 3D renderings and output industrial design concepts quickly, enhancing corporate analysis and customer reference. Gao Zhanhui stressed the potential of AI in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and the importance of cross-border cooperation between AI and industrial design.

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The event successfully brought together experts, companies, and designers to explore the power of industrial design in transforming and upgrading the hardware and sanitary ware industry. With a focus on user needs, innovation, and the integration of AI, Jiangmen aims to propel its industrial development to a higher level and establish itself as a leader in the market.

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