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Expansionary monetary policy may reduce the high price of gold callback | Fed-Finance News

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Original title: Expansionary monetary policy or curtailment of yellowGold priceHigh level callback

Today, Tuesday (June 15), at midday in the Asian market, the price of gold was basically stable, and gold is now reported at around US$1864 per ounce.

Gold closed at US$1,865.96 per ounce on Monday, down US$11.65 or 0.61%. It once hit a low of US$1,84.52 per ounce during the session, which was a sharp drop of US$33 from the daily high of US$1877.74 per ounce, but then rebounded from the low to above US$1,860 per ounce. The price of gold fell by 1.7% on Monday because some investors worried that the Fed might outline the path to curtailing its expansionary monetary policy at its two-day meeting this week.

On June 14, local time, the US sanctions on Russian government bonds formally took effect. At the stage of the summit between Russia and the United States, the move made the prospects between the United States and Russia more negative, and no longer had high expectations for the outcome of the summit.

Yesterday’s gold U.S. market’s big positive trend turned yesterday’s decline into a false breakthrough. Today’s gold price is still concerned about the support of 1856. Generally, before the Fed’s interest rate decision, gold is unlikely to move out of the trend market. It is more likely to fluctuate within the range, so Today’s gold price relies on the support defense of 1856 in early trading, enters the market in 1861 to do more, and then pays attention to the pressure of yesterday’s early rebound in 1878. It is expected that the price of gold will fluctuate in the range of 1856-1878 or 1856-1883, and then wait for the Fed interest rate. Go out after the decision.

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According to the gold market center of Jintou.com, at 13:14 Beijing time, today’s gold spot price temporarily reported $1,864.00 per ounce.

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