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Ferrari, Benedetto Vigna is the new CEO. Elkann: “Happy with the appointment”

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TORINO – Sara Benedetto Vigna the new CEO of Ferrari: the announcement came this morning from the Prancing Horse company.

Vigna, the note details, will join Ferrari on 1 September. The new leadership of Maranello comes from STMicroelectronics where he is currently Head of the Analog, MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems) and Sensors Group, ST’s largest and most profitable operating business in 2020. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the ST Group.

John Elkann, president of Ferrari, commented on the appointment: “We are delighted to welcome Benedetto Vigna as our new CEO. His in-depth knowledge of the technologies that drive much of the change in our industry, his proven ability to innovate, the entrepreneurial approach and his leadership will further strengthen Ferrari by writing new chapters in our unrepeatable history of passion and performance in the exciting era that awaits us. ”

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An Italian national, with extensive international experience working with some of the world‘s leading technology companies, Vigna, 52, graduated with honors in subnuclear physics from the University of Pisa. He joined ST in 1995, founded the Company’s MEMS businesses and worked to gain ST’s leadership in the motion-activated user interface market. His responsibilities have been expanded to connectivity and imaging and power management solutions. He has also led a number of successful initiatives in new business areas, with a particular focus on the industrial and automotive market segments.

Benedetto Vigna, new CEO of Ferrari

Vigna invented a three-dimensional motion sensor which was meant for car airbags and then, redesigned and scaled down, was used in 2020 in console wireless controllers Nintendo Wii. For this he entered the final squad of European Inventor Award 2010. It has driven successful innovations in microphones, e-compasses and touch screen controllers as well as environmental sensors, micro-actuators, automotive and industrial sensors and low-energy radios for the internet of things. Vigna holds over 200 patents on micro-machining.

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by Luca Piana

The same Benedetto Vigna entrusted the Ferrari note with his statement after the appointment: “It is an extraordinary honor to join Ferrari as CEO and I do it in equal measure with enthusiasm and responsibility. Enthusiasm for the great opportunities that we will be able to seize. And with a deep sense of responsibility towards the extraordinary results and abilities of Ferrari men and women, of all the Company’s stakeholders and of those who, all over the world, have a unique passion for Ferrari “.

In his role as CEO – concludes the note – Vigna’s priority will be to ensure that Ferrari continues to strengthen its leadership as the creator of the most beautiful and technologically advanced cars in the world. His extensive knowledge, the result of more than 26 years of experience in the heart of the semiconductor industry that is rapidly transforming the automotive sector, will accelerate Ferrari’s ability to break new ground in applying the latest technologies.


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