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From Cuneo to the European Central Bank with school memories in my heart

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«I have many good memories of the school, both of former classmates – some of us remained very friends and always in contact – and of the professors who prepared me very well not only for the University, but also to be a critical citizen. In addition to the lessons, they carved out space to comment on newspaper articles on politics and current affairs, a good lesson for all of us kids, because it encouraged us to be attentive to what was happening around us. The invitation received by our class, after a regional competition, to participate in a session of the Chamber at Montecitorio is also unforgettable ». Aleksandra Kolndrekaj was the twenty-first character to deserve the “Bonellian of the Year” award (in the roll of honor, among others, the mathematician Odifreddi, the champion Arese, the director and writer Valla, in 2020 the professor at the University of Melbourne Ghio) awarded by Ever Green to a former graduate of the technical institute of Cuneo “who has particularly distinguished himself in working life”. The Association (which, without distributing scholarships, established the “silver pince” for the best four graduates of last year) met Aleksandra in the Sala San Giovanni. That of the former accountant student is a story of great commitment, resourcefulness and success. Diploma with full marks. Degree with honors in Economics and Commerce in Turin, specialist degree with honors in Economics selected for the prestigious «Honorable Allievi Program of the Collegio Carlo Alberto Research Center».

Alexandra Kolndrekaj

He taught Macroeconomics as a university assistant, then “internship” at the OECD in Paris, transfer to an agency of the European Union up to the European Central Bank. In Germany he has been working as an analyst in the Economics department for four years. “With a group of about thirty colleagues – he explains – we have developed a new monthly survey on the household economy by studying their consumption, savings, labor market, access to credit”. “I am very attached to the province of Cuneo (the family lives in Chiusa Pesio, ed) which I feel at home in the same way I feel at home in the Albania of which I am originally from – adds Aleksandra Kolndrekaj -. Because of my past and my present, I think I see the two “houses” as belonging to something that includes everything that is Europe. And in my feeling very European, I always value my local identity ».

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