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From web1.0 to web3.0, info expertise is reshaping the digital era_Guangming.com

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From web1.0 to web3.0, info expertise is reshaping the digital era_Guangming.com

The Transition from Web1.0 to Web3.0: Reshaping the Digital Age

With the speedy development in info expertise, the Internet has developed from the fundamental web1.0 to the extra subtle web3.0. This shift has caused vital modifications, as mentioned by Zheng Zhiming, a scholar from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Internet Intelligence Research Institute of Beihang University.

Speaking on the Future Internet Industry Development Forum, Zheng Zhiming highlighted the diminished granularity of social governance within the period of Internet 3.0. He emphasised the unleashing of human energy as soon as once more on this new section of the Internet. In an interview with reporters, he shared his insights on the technical challenges and alternatives introduced by Web3.0.

Zheng Zhiming defined that whereas Web1.0 centered on info distribution and Web2.0 enhanced person interplay, Web3.0 goes even deeper by enabling the convergence of worth. This section of the Internet goals to interconnect info, individuals, and issues, emphasizing the switch and sharing of worth.

One of the important thing options of Web3.0 is its decentralization, permitting information and companies to be distributed throughout a number of community nodes. This decentralized strategy boosts information processing effectivity and reliability. Zheng Zhiming identified that applied sciences like blockchain play a vital function in making certain clear and traceable interactions amongst customers, lowering the necessity for centralized management.

Despite the promising prospects of Web3.0, uncertainties encompass its improvement trajectory and purposes. Zheng Zhiming harassed the significance of a safe and dependable underlying platform supported by blockchain and cryptographic applied sciences. These foundational applied sciences are important for realizing the imaginative and prescient of Web3.0, paving the way in which for profitable integration with different superior applied sciences like synthetic intelligence.

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As the digital panorama continues to evolve, the course of Web3.0 stays a subject of intrigue. The success of this new period of the Internet hinges on the robustness of its technological basis and the exploration of revolutionary use instances. With the collective effort of business consultants and innovators, Web3.0 holds the potential to revolutionize the digital age.

Reporter: Song Yajuan, Xiao Chunfang, Cai Lin

Video clip: Jiang Xiaoyu (internship)


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