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Guinea Bissau: an Italian course to grow together

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by: Gianfranco Belgrano | March 15, 2024

The Consulate of Guinea Bissau in Italy intends to develop initiatives aimed at young Guineans through an Italian language course that is taking place in the country.

This intention was expressed on Wednesday by vice consul Luca D’Ippolito during a visit to the Sol Mansi radio station.

The official, who is in the country to teach the aforementioned course at the Catholic University, also said that learning a language opens new frontiers for job opportunities or learning new skills.

“Learning another language always opens up new frontiers and possibilities, but above all new knowledge” said D’Ippolito adding that “in Italy there are many people who collaborate with Guinea Bissau, but the language factor has always been a cultural wall that hinders communication.” Hence the decision to start an Italian course: “The final objective of this course is to open up all the knowledge available in Italy and make it available to all young Guineans who want to learn.”

D’Ippolito then added that the consulate also intends to focus on female entrepreneurship and microcredit policies.

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