Home Business HSI opens 1% lower, technology stocks continue to fall, JD falls 4%, Ali falls 3%

HSI opens 1% lower, technology stocks continue to fall, JD falls 4%, Ali falls 3%

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Original title: Hang Seng Index opened 1% lower, technology stocks continued to fall, JD fell 4%, Ali fell 3%

On Tuesday, November 23, the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong stocks opened 1.05% lower to 24688.09 points;Hang Seng Technology Index openedFell 1.48% to 6315 points.

On the disk, large technology stocks continued to fall. JD.com fell nearly 4%, Bilibili and Alibaba fell nearly 3%, and Baidu, Meituan, NetEase, and Tencent fell more than 2%.

In addition, education stocks continued their strength yesterday, and New Oriental Online continued to rise 1.53% at the opening.

Domestically produced new crown drugs are expected to be approved for conditional listing before the end of December. Most biopharmaceutical stocks rose, Peijia Medical opened more than 7% higher, and Tengshengbo Pharmaceutical rose 2.48%.

In terms of individual stocks, Hengteng Network rose nearly 12%, and has now risen by more than 120% since the low of November 16.

It is worth mentioning that the “star stock” NetEase Cloud Music began to offer shares, and China Freedom and SenseTime also passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange hearing.

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