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Istat, the number of people employed fell in July. Youth unemployment drops to 27.7%

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MILANO – Signs of a slight slowdown in the labor market. According to the data released today byState, the number of busy in July it fell by 23,000 units compared to the previous month while the balance compared to the same period of last year remains largely positive, with the number of employees growing by 440,000 units compared to July 2020. “Despite a modest decline in the number of and a stability in the employment rate – he comments – the strong growth recorded in the previous five months resulted in a balance of 550,000 more employed compared to January 2021 “, notes the institute in its usual comment on the data, also recalling that” no there is still a return to pre-pandemic levels “, that is February 2020, with the number of employees” is over 260 thousand lower “.

Resumed, Istat confirms “sustained growth” in the second quarter: GDP + 2.7%. Accelerate inflation

The unemployment rate is falling but the inactive are growing

The unemployment rate, which fell to 9.3% in July (-0.1% compared to June) as regards the general figure and to 27.7% (-1.6%) in relation to the youth figure. Going into the details of the data, the drop in the unemployed (-29 thousand) – that is, of those looking for a job but cannot find it – is almost equally compensated by the increase in the inactive (+28 thousand). A figure, this, determined exclusively by the male component, where the inactive grew by 28 thousand units, compared to the female one, where the figure remained unchanged.

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Employees grow, down the freelancers

On the other hand, observing the detail on the type of employed, the data moves in two opposite directions. In July, both fixed-term (+12 thousand) and stable (+12 thousand) employees grew, while the self-employed, such as freelancers and VAT numbers, fell by 47 thousand units.


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