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Italmobiliare sells stake in AGN Energia

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Italmobiliare sells stake in AGN Energia

AGN Energia has ascertained the existence of the conditions necessary for the completion of a buyback of the entire shareholding in AGN ENERGIA owned by Italmobiliare. Following this – by virtue of the agreement between Italmobiliare and the controlling shareholder of AGN ENERGIA – the parties’ obligation to proceed with the buyback became effective.

We read in the note that the completion of the operation is expected to take place today. Italmobiliare holds a stake equal to 32.02% of the share capital of AGN ENERGIA and will realize 100 million euros from the sale, approximately 20% more than the latest NAV valuation, with a capital gain of approximately 40 million euros and a money on money return of 1.8x.

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