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Jessica Schwarzer: My “golden rules” when investing

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Jessica Schwarzer: My “golden rules” when investing

Financial expert Jessica Schwarzer follows four rules to be successful on the stock market. Jessica Schwarzer

Jessica Schwarzer, one of the best-known financial experts, gives stock market tips for beginners and advanced investors in her new book.

The financial journalist describes herself as a big fan of ETFs. That’s why she almost only invests in funds and avoids investing in individual stocks

It’s not that difficult to build long-term wealth on the stock market. Jessica Schwarzer agrees. She is a journalist and one of the most famous financial experts. For many years, the trained historian and political scientist reported on what was happening on the financial markets, current trends on the stock market and the long-term development of a stock portfolio.

The Düsseldorf native still writes today, but now she mainly writes books. Her seventh work to date will be published on March 19th with the title “Investing Successfully with the Best Stock Market Strategies”. The expert is convinced: “If you want to build wealth on the stock market, you should know and follow the golden rules of successful investment.” Jessica Schwarzer tells us her most important tips to make getting started on the stock market easier.

1. Spread your risk widely

The expert attaches great importance to diversification. “Many investors forego risk diversification when they rely on individual stocks,” says Jessica Schwarzer. She thinks that the diversification is only good when a portfolio contains dozens of stocks. However, many investors would not look too closely. The individual stocks in their portfolio are neither globally positioned nor do they cover different industries.

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