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Meloni denies the clash with Mattarella: “It’s the left that tries to build it”

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Meloni denies the clash with Mattarella: “It’s the left that tries to build it”

Meloni and Mattarella and Artificial Intelligence

Meloni denies a clash with Mattarella: “The left is trying to build it”

The left uses the Head of State in its battle against the premiership. This is the accusation made by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni from Toronto. The Prime Minister points out that when you spoke about the demonstrations in Florence and Pisa you were angry with the left. No reference to the Quirinale with which “there is no distance. I often discuss the main dossiers with the President of the Republic”, “there are no cracks. The relations are excellent”.

After two days that took her first to Washington and then to Toronto to illustrate the priorities of the G7, the Prime Minister returns to the controversy in Italy on the topic of demonstrations and Colle’s position. “It is dangerous if the institutions remove support from the police”, the Prime Minister had remarked. But it wasn’t the first state office that was the recipient of the message. “I – underlined Meloni – always consider the words of the President of the Republic very important. When the policemen were surrounded by 50 representatives of the social centers Mattarella expressed solidarity with the officers, something that I have not seen many other institutional representatives do, because Parliament is also an institution. I was angry with the left who are very good at criticizing but are never capable of expressing solidarity with the police.”

Behind the ‘controversy’ over the marches for Meloni lies a battle over the reform of reforms. Or the premiership: “I see an attempt to build an artificial clash with the President of the Republic who does not exist. I find it very wrong and a great lack of respect towards the President of the Republic to try to use him for a party interest that the left has. Not being able to say the reason why he doesn’t want citizens to be able to choose who represents him, he tries to create conflict with the head of state by saying ‘do you see that Meloni wants to take away the powers of the head of state?'”.

“But whoever is vaguely serious – he said again – he knows very well that I have made a constitutional reform that deliberately does not affect the powers of the head of state because he is a figure of guarantee. Therefore, the authority of the head of state cannot be used to carry out an electoral campaign against the prime ministership and the truth must be told: we want to create governments in the Palace and we want to govern when we lose the elections”. The Prime Minister therefore underlines that “there is no rift” with the Quirinale, “the relationship is excellent. It would be wrong to call him into question.”

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