Home Business Most popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Tuesday, Vipshop fell by nearly 10%, Tencent Music fell by more than 4%

Most popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Tuesday, Vipshop fell by nearly 10%, Tencent Music fell by more than 4%

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Most popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Tuesday, Vipshop fell by nearly 10%, Tencent Music fell by more than 4%

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Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Tuesday,Vipshopfell nearly 10%,Tencent MusicXiaopeng Motors fell more than 4%,idealcar,NIOfell more than 2%,JingdongAliBabafell more than 1%,BilibiliBaidufell slightly. Daily Youxian rose by more than 3%, and Manbang rose by more than 2%.IQIYIrose more than 1%,Know almostPinduoduoNetEaseFutuHoldings rose slightly.

Sixiang Wireless rose more than 47%,China National Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitedUp nearly 14%, Bit Mining up nearly 13%, UCloudlink up over 11%, Su Xuantang up over 9%,Infobird SoftwareUp more than 8%, e-home Kuaifu, Shuhai shares,funHuami, etc. rose more than 7%,TuniuNine Purple New EnergyAmbow Education, etc. rose more than 6%,NovartisFurniture, Oceanpower Securities,nine richCanadian Solar, Onion Group, 51Talk, Insight Education,BeiGeneWaiting for a rise of more than 5%,Cheetah MobileJinshan Cloudmushroom StreetDaily Fresh,southern AirlineDing dong shoppingHuyaWaiting to rise more than 4%.

Golden Sun Education fell by more than 17%, Dunxin Financial fell by more than 12%, and Vipshop fell by nearly 10%.AMTDDigits fell more than 9%, Ronglian Cloud Communication fell more than 8%,GenericGeneFun shopSolar Power,Easy ElectricTemple LibraryBestThe group fell more than 7%, Wanchun Medicine fell more than 6%, Tencent Music, Xiaopeng Motors,Ningsheng InternationalLufax Holding,Middle Finger HoldingsO.R.G. Seed IndustryXiaobai Maimai, Yingxi Group, etc. fell more than 4%, 360 Digits, Shanggao,all things rebornGather Mall,Noah FortuneGulf Resources1 Drug NetLexinMINISO, Kuke Music,poke petHuafu Education, Dajian Yuncang, etc. fell more than 3%.

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U.S. stocks closed mixed on Tuesday, with the Dow and S&P 500 both hitting record lows since 2022 and recording their sixth straight session of declines. Markets remain concerned that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hike stance will trigger a recession, and focus on changes in currency and bond markets. Many institutions are taking a wait-and-see attitude towards the near-term prospects of U.S. stocks.

The Dow fell 125.82 points, or 0.43%, to 29,134.99 points; the Nasdaq rose 26.58 points, or 0.25%, to 10,829.50 points; the S&P 500 fell 7.75 points, or 0.21%, to 3,647.29 points.

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

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