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MSC Seashore, the one billion euro ship celebrated in the Caribbean

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MSC Cruises has invested a billion euros in MSC Seashore, its new flagship, which was christened in the Caribbean, docking on the equally new private island Ocean Cay built by the company by recovering a Bahamian atoll that had been used as a site. industrial for sand extraction. Two years of work, 4,000 people employed, an economic fallout of 4 billion euros. However, these are few numbers that say a lot about what the cruise industry represents in Italy, having been the ship built by Fincantieri. An industry that is trying to recover from the stop due to the pandemic.

We must also talk about figures, in any case. And show what’s behind the lights and sequins, at the baptism party with godmother Sophia Loren (all the latest MSC ships were congratulated by the presence of the actress, emblem of Italy), with the Nile Rodgers show , guests in evening dresses and maybe even fireworks. An industry that generates economy and which – I say this for those who object – is also trying to renew itself on the green route, to reduce the impact on the environment (MSC looks to zero emissions by 2050), which is an excellent resolution. Then, it will be possible to discuss tourism extended to economies of scale, but luckily everyone is free to choose their own holiday.

MSC currently has 19 ships in service, considering the entry into service of Seashore and Virtuosa this year (the baptism later this month in Dubai. The fleet will grow further: next year, MSC Seascape, sister ship of Seashore, under construction in Dubai, will arrive. Monfalcone and Msc World Europa. The first powered by liquefied natural gas, followed by MSC Euribia in 2023 and again between 2023 and 2024 by the four ships of the new Explora Journeys brand: the goal is 29 ships by 2027, for a total investment of 13.6 billion euros.

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The company is a good customer of Fincantieri, it also embarks many Italians and is giving a huge boost to the stopovers that are part of its Mediterranean itineraries. Estimates for 2021, a year that is still difficult, are of 4 million passengers handled globally by MSC, of ​​which 1.5 million in the Peninsula. This, if we want to talk about Italy, as the company’s management is proudly Italian. Then, of course, there is the open view on the world. I would like to point out that the new Miami terminal, currently under construction by Fincantieri and which will be ready at the end of December 2023, foresees an investment of 350 million euros and will manage the transit of 36 thousand people per day, with a maximum capacity of three ships. simultaneously.

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