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Mucous membrane sampling: No. 4130 GOZ subsequent to No. 2386 GOÄ

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Mucous membrane sampling: No. 4130 GOZ subsequent to No.  2386 GOÄ

| ASK: When the implant is offered in areas 36 and 37, the mucous membrane is grafted to the palate. I can undoubtedly depend the No. 4130 GOZ within the assortment space of ​​”Gaumen” along with Ä2386 and No. 3240 GOZ in districts 36, 37 and No. 9040 GOZ (2x)? As far as I do know, 4130 ought to be eliminated on this case as a result of Ä2386 stands for elimination and set up? |

Answer: If the mucous membrane of the palate is implanted within the space 36, ​​37 through the publicity of the implant and a vestibular or oral plastic is carried out on the similar time, the numbers 3240 and 4130 GOZ could be calculated in a single or two areas of the tooth. To expose and change secondary elements (eg cowl screw in opposition to therapeutic cap), quantity 9040 GOZ is used for every set up. Number 4130 GOZ says: “Excision and transplantation of mucous membrane …”. Therefore, each elimination and relocation (together with set up) are included in No. 4130 GOZ. Therefore this could solely be counted as soon as in a area. The value calculation of No. 4130 GOZ depends upon the quantity of the implant. Care of wounds on the donor website, e.g. B. with a plastic wound fabric coated with cash. The set up of the wear and tear plate have to be charged individually utilizing the quantity 2700 GOÄ.

Transplantation of bigger mucosa is in accordance with No. 2386 GOÄ whether it is confirmed that the donor website is surgically broken and coated with plastic (service doc have to be accomplished). If the donor website is just not surgically destroyed and coated with plastic, however as a substitute, for instance, If, for instance, the wound is handled with a hemostatic agent or a dressing plate, the quantity 4130 GOÄ have to be calculated as a substitute of the quantity 2386 GOÄ, as a result of the quantity -2386 GOÄ can’t be calculated if solely a wound is current eg a mucosal graft. B. is supplied with hemostatic brokers with out decreasing surgical procedure. Necessary ancillary providers and materials prices have to be added individually.

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