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Pensions, unions do not like Quota 102 and 104

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ROMA – Its Quota 102-104, the Mef hypothesis to avoid an immediate return to Fornero law with a five-year staircase, there is not only the no of the League. There Landini’s CGIL calls it “a mockery”, for the Cisl is “unacceptable” and for the Uil “A mockery”. To a measure that would see the possibility of early retirement at 64 years in 2022 with 38 years of contributions and at 65 or 66 in 2023 (with 39 or 38 years of contributions), with the full effect of the Fornero reform starting from 2024, the trade unions oppose a project presented to the government for some time: flexible exits from 62 years of age or from …


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