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Piaggio and Feng Chen Wang together for a new fashion collection

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The collaboration between Feng Chen Wang, one of the most experimental and innovative designers on the international scene, and Piaggio, a brand that symbolizes urban mobility, stems from strong and shared values ​​and initiates a multi-perspective conversation on the issues of individual freedom, sustainability and contemporary mobility. .
The fashion collection, presented at Shanghai Fashion Week, reshapes tradition in original and surprising garments and seals a partnership that will lead to a customized version by Feng of Piaggio 1, the first Piaggio electric scooter.

Who is Feng Chen Wang

Authentic, multidimensional, “modern future”. This is how Feng Chen Wang defines his aesthetic.At the basis of his work is the search for a style that is, at the same time, conceptual, distinctive, functional, based on aesthetic values ​​that draw on the experiences and roots of culture. Chinese.
In fact, Feng was born in Fujian, a province in South East China, known for its mountains and breathtaking natural landscapes. From here he left for London, where in a few years he established himself as the avant-garde stylist of a generation of new fashion talents. The union of these two worlds, the Asian and the London one, made his creativity unique and brilliant.

The new breakfast

The collaboration with Piaggio goes beyond co-branding. It is in fact a journey into nature that explores the concepts of functionality, design and style to give life to a capsule collection of unisex garments for streetwear. But it will go further, developing a special edition of the brand new Piaggio 1 electric scooter, which will be presented as an absolute preview in November at the Eicma in Milan.
In the collection, the recovery of tradition is visually combined with the natural elements of water and the symbol of the Phoenix, which in Chinese mythology represents virtue and grace.

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The watercolor is hand drawn using the traditional Chinese brushstroke technique and the green coloring not only recalls native flora but also health, prosperity and harmony. The overlapping of recycled materials, Feng’s stylistic signature, is instead synonymous with Feng’s deep attention to the themes of sustainability, respect for nature and creative recovery.
The result is a dialogue between two excellences on a new vision of the value of individual freedom.

This is why the collaboration with Feng Chen Wang finds its natural development with Piaggio 1, the new Piaggio electric scooter designed for young people.
The Feng Chen Wang collection for Piaggio will be available from February 2022 on the website http://www.fengchenwang.com/.

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