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Piazza Affari rises in tune with Wall Street, TIM boom (+ 30%)

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Beginning of the week with a prevalence of purchases in Piazza Affari which followed the good mood of the markets with new records for Wall Street on the day of the announcement of the reconfirmation of Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve. The fears related to the increase in Covid cases in Europe, with the restrictions in the Netherlands that have caused clashes, have thus disappeared. The lockdown in Austria entered into force today.

At the end of trading in Ftse Mib it marks + 0.17% to 27,382 points, amortizing without repercussions the dividend effect generated by the coupon coupon of as many as 9 securities of the Milanese leading index. The dividend of Banca Generali stands out (2.7 euros); detachment of the coupon on account for Intesa Sanpaolo (0.0721 euros) and Poste Italiane (0.185 euros).

The undisputed star of the day was Telecom Italia (+ 30.2% to € 0.4513), which ended up in the crosshairs of the American fund Kkr which proposes a takeover bid for the entire group at the indicative price of € 0.505 per share which values ​​the company almost 11 billion euros. The offer is at a premium of 46% compared to the value at which the Telecom Italia share closed last Friday, and higher than the maximum in 52 weeks of approximately 47 cents, reached by the share in March. The French of Vivendi, the first shareholder with 24%, had entered the Italian tlc group (share they paid 1.03 euros per share), could be an obstacle to the success of the American fund’s offer. “The statements of the government are currently favorable. The reaction of the political parties is instead in our opinion the key point to be evaluated, as well as that of the shareholders”, remarks Equita SIM. “Vivendi now holds a de facto veto power on extraordinary transactions – adds the Milanese sim -. We think it may be tempted to accept the offer by negotiating the best possible exit. However, so far it has commented that it is unlikely that the offer will be accepted” .

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Among other stocks, a bullish movement for Unicredit (+ 0.77%) in the wake of the positivity of US banks after Powell’s reconfirmation. ENI also did well (+ 1.31% to 12.328 euros) which announced that the new company into which the retail and renewable businesses will converge will be called Plenitude, with an EBITDA target of 1.3 billion euros in 2025.

Ferrari once again very well (+ 2.75% to 246.3 euros), on the new all-time highs. Moncler is also back near the absolute maximum (+ 1.42%).

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