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Pnrr, the alarm from the Court of Auditors: “Significant difficulties in spending power”

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Pnrr, the alarm from the Court of Auditors: “Significant difficulties in spending power”

MILANO – Public administrations still encounter difficulties in spending the resources of the NRP. This is what the Court of Auditors emphasizing that “considerable difficulties remain in the spending capacity of individual administrations, demonstrating the fact that greater availability and greater use of resources do not automatically correspond to real development capacities”.

The accounting judiciary – reads a note – reported the results of the analyzes carried out, through a qualitative and quantitative sampling, on the state of implementation of 31 out of 45 of the interventions included in the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and on the achievement of objectives set for the first half of 2022.

Svimez, the South lagging behind on the Pnrr. GDP in trouble, in 2022 growth at 2.8% against 3.6% in the Center-North

by Rosaria Amato

The audit carried out by the Court was carried out following the specific time intervals envisaged for the implementation of the interventions connected to the Plan, with specific attention to the issues of environmental protection and health, labor policies and sustainable development, digitalization, internationalization , education, inclusion and social support.

“Despite the positive formal data, in the sectors examined – we read – substantial critical issues emerged, in a context, such as the current one, which has seen a change in the economic and financial framework compared to the initial forecasts, leading to the emergence of elements of uncertainty destined to influence the rise in the costs of carrying out some projects. In this perspective, the Court underlined the persistence of considerable difficulties in the spending capacity of the individual administrations “. “The strengthening of the administrative structures and the adequacy of the human resources being recruited – specified the accounting judiciary – are essential elements for the implementation of the interventions, as well as adequate technical assistance activities that guarantee the carrying out of the actions connected to the achievement of the objectives. The observations of the Court, on this specific point, focused on the need to overcome the question of the eligibility of technical assistance, currently not financeable with NRP funds “. Much can be done, in the opinion of the Court, with the introduction, last June, of the new “Capacity Italy” portal.

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The kindergartens of inequality

by Carlo Bonini (editorial coordination), Maria Novella De Luca, with an article by Isaia Sales, multimedia coordination by Laura Pertici, Gedi Visual production

On the implementation side of the interventions in the territory – the Court found – a rationalization action is required, especially in some areas of the country, which ensures uniformity and homogeneity of supervision and supply of services, as well as allowing the carrying out of effective controls on flows of resources and on the achievement of final objectives. At the conclusion of the Plan, in order to govern the return to ordinary management devoid of the current, but temporary, availability linked to European resources, it will be essential to guarantee the stabilization of the financial flows destined for administrations, “also to avoid – concludes the Court – the suffering of companies that have calibrated their organization and business strategies on the current extent of economic and financial stimuli “.

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