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Regional, the government parades in Abruzzo: Meloni, Salvini and Tajani in breaking latest news

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Regional, the government parades in Abruzzo: Meloni, Salvini and Tajani in breaking latest news


He first Melons today in Abruzzo per support the candidacy of the outgoing president of the Region, Marco Marsilio, at the next Regionals on March 10th. The prime minister will be at 4 pm, in Teramo, at the headquarters of the Gran Sasso d’Italia Chamber of Commerce. The event was promoted by associations belonging to the Chamber of Commerce and the “request – it is announced – was accepted because it adhered to the provisions of the regulation”. Then at 6pm Meloni will be in Piazza della Rinascita (Piazza Salotto) in breaking latest news for the centre-right coalition event for the regional elections, which will also see the participation of Matteo Salvini, Antonio Tajani, Lorenzo Cesa and Maurizio Lupi, together with local leaders of the parties and lists supporting Marsilio’s candidacy.

Abruzzo, D’Amico: “The first measure would be to stop Autonomy”

“What would be my first measure as president? Withdraw the Region’s favorable opinion on differentiated autonomy”. He declared it Luciano D’Amico, center-left candidate in Abruzzospoke on radio Giornale Radio.

“Marsilio called me a liar and a jackal? I didn’t really understand what the lies and motivations were that led him to accuse me, but these are topics that interest me little, I’ll get over it: I will continue to work in the interests of Abruzzo The real data tell a very different region from what Marsilio and the outgoing council tell us.” This was stated by Luciano D’Amico, candidate of the centre-left in Abruzzo, speaking today on “Il Timone” hosted by the editorial director Daniele Biacchessi on the FM radio station Giornale Radio. “A very wide field with Pd, M5S, Renzi and Calenda? It was the regional leaders of the various political forces who found an agreement. We want to focus attention on the real problems that concern the Abruzzo people, primarily work and healthcare, and find the solutions – added D’Amico -. Marsilio said that Abruzzo overlooks three seas? This lack of knowledge of our land has led him to a government that has done very, very badly”.

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Schlein: “I feel confident. United we win”

“I feel confident because there is a coalition there that holds together all the alternative forces to the right with a good candidacy which is that of Luciano D’Amico, a competent man who has been everywhere, in the company of transport or the university of Teramo, has always put together ‘factories of the future’. This is what is needed after these 5 years of misgovernment by Marsilio and the right.” Elly Schlein, interviewed by Corriere della Sera talks about the next regional elections in Abruzzo. In the centre-right “they are right to be worried – this is the analysis of the dem secretary – because they governed badly. We chose the candidate for competence, not for belonging or even for obedience. Instead Marsilio was imposed by Giorgia Meloni. He is a candidate who is not even from Abruzzo and who certainly cannot govern by proxy taking orders from the prime minister”. Also in view of the next electoral appointments (Basilicata and Piedmont), Schlein reiterates the importance of joining forces with the 5 Star Movement. “I continue to think that united we win and that it is necessary to stubbornly build the reasons for unity on the issues. We did it in Abruzzo helped by D’Amico’s intelligence and empathy, we can do it elsewhere too. Naturally – concludes the dem leader – every territory has its own history but especially where there has been opposition together, there is no shortage of arguments for being together. The Democratic Party will continue to work in this direction.”

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