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Rivieracqua, the group leaders say no to the private partner

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No to the private partner to give liquidity to Rivieracqua. The conference of the group leaders of the Sanremo City Council, on the eve of the assembly of mayors, scheduled for this morning at Palazzo Bellevue, launches an appeal for the future of the consortium company with fully public capital to manage the Integrated Water Service in the Ato Imperia . “In light of the rulings of the Court of Imperia relating to the fate of the parties involved in managing the transition to an integrated water service with a single area tariff, in order to ensure an efficient service and a renewed and adequate network, compared to the previous scenario, it emerged that the entry of a private shareholder is no longer indispensable for the contribution of new capital ”, reads the document signed by the board group leaders. Marco Viale (Sanremo in the center) continues on behalf of all the group leaders: “Such an eventuality entails an increase in costs for users, for the fair remuneration of private capital, as well as the possible loss for the territory of the related industries connected to network management and maintenance ». The conference of group leaders therefore invites both the Municipalities, at the conference of mayors, and the shareholders, during the assembly “to carefully evaluate whether to continue along the path outlined above, to search for a private partner, rather than favor various alternative choices, keeping the ownership of the Rivieracqua company in exclusively public hands ». Conversely, “poorly motivated impoverishment of public assets could emerge, in favor of private profit, with the consequent repercussions both on the cost for users and on the local economy”.

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