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Sardinia: the possible role of the Action Party in the defeat of the CDX

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Sardinia: the possible role of the Action Party in the defeat of the CDX

Regional elections in Sardinia: the possible role of the Sardinian Action Party in the defeat of the centre-right. The “Sardinian vaccine” against hubris

In the matter of the regional elections in Sardinia – which saw the defeat of the centre-right candidate, but not of the coalition – which instead won, the Sardinian Action Party, Psd’Az, plays a fundamental role.

Truzzo it collected (1,822 sections out of 1,844, by the way congratulations for the unseemly spectacle of the delay) 327,000 votes (45%) against the 333,000 of the centre-right (49%), let’s reason on non-definitive data, only qualitatively. How come? It is the effect of an all-Italian contraption resulting from Machiavellianism which sometimes allows the so-called “disjoint vote” meaning that one can vote for a list opposite to that of the gubernatorial candidate.

The suspicion is that the difference of about 6,000 votes explains what happened. In practice, a fatal percentage of centre-right voters voted for the coalition but not for its gubernatorial candidate, rejecting the agreements between the parties. A possible explanation is that some supporters of the Psd’Az and the League did not vote for the centre-right gubernatorial candidate in the end. Let’s remember that the League got 3.8% at the polls while the Psd’Az got 5.4%.

The Psd’Az has an ancient tradition, having been founded in 1921 by Davide Cova, Camillo Bellieni and Emilio Lussu. The founders were all former combatants from the Sassari Brigade and had fought in the First World War. On the continent, many veterans instead joined fascism.

The program was autonomist. Historically it was a centrist or moderate left party, opposed by fascism, until 2009 when it made a pact with the PdL.

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But let’s get back to the present. The initial candidate of Psd’Az was Christian Solinasthe same as the League.

It was then decided to choose instead Paolo Truzzoimposed by the Brothers of Italy.

A Sardinian leader declared, after the elections:

“In Rome they must understand that they cannot impose anything on us at home. Go and see the effect of the split vote in Cagliari and Quartu”.

Actually Salvini he was the centre-right leader who was most involved in the regional elections, so much so that he left the island last and alone, when the others had already left.

However, the vote certainly cannot be imposed on the voters and the logical conclusion that derives from the numbers is that a certain number of the joint voters of Lega and Psd’Az voted for their reference parties but then chose a candidate different from the one imposed by Rome.

The words of the Sardinian leader, reported by the newspapers, are indicative in this sense and a detailed analysis of the vote in Cagliari and Quartu further demonstrates this.

If the Psd’Az chooses a candidate, in this case it was the outgoing governor Solinasthen you can’t bring the Roman games in Sardiniawhere the sense of identity is very strong.

No one can know how it really happened, given the secrecy of the ballot box, but the mechanism of the separate vote leaves little doubt.

Instead, let’s leave it to the imprecision and demagogy of articles like that of Alessandro D’Amato on Open (which miscalculated) undue conclusions on the fact that even the whole Lega (and then why not the entire Psd’Az?) would have voted against Truzzu but there was certainly a split vote. However, we cannot know who the voters who chose this option belong to.

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It can also be said, as has been done, that voting on the island constitutes a sort of healthy “Sardinian vaccine” against the hubris of power that always affects those who win.

Now there are elections in Abruzzo e Basilicatathe “Sardinian vaccine” will be an excellent viaticum.

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