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Shooting for Emiliano’s majority in the Puglia Regional Council

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Shooting for Emiliano’s majority in the Puglia Regional Council

Shooting for Emiliano’s majority in the Puglia Regional Council

Once the hunt is open, the so-called “pigeon shooting” becomes the most performed exercisein particular if the perception of a favorably open window – on the part of the adversaries – takes precedence over any type of event and general consideration.

This is what is happening to the centre-left in Puglia: overwhelmed by every type of investigationby arrests and various investigations which, one after the other, focus on the entourage of the President of the Region and the Mayor of Bari, and then target – presumably – the leaders themselves.

According to an ANSA agency, the president of the Puglia Region he could be investigated for revealing official secrets because last April 10 – after learning of the imminent arrest of the commissioner of the regional agency for technology (Arts) and former regional councilor for urban planning, Alfonso Pisicchio – he would have warned him by telling him “resign or I will remove you”. It would have been Pisicchio himself who revealed it to the GUP, showing the screenshots of the chat with which the governor would have alerted him to an old investigation that was accelerating.

Again according to Ansa, it is likely that the prosecutor’s office will listen to the governor in the next few days regarding Pisiscchio’s sudden resignation a few hours before the news of his arrest for corruption and auction rigging arrived, together with his brother Enzo. There is suspicion of a news leakwhich would have forced the arrest to be brought forward, initially scheduled for a few days later.

Furthermore, Pisicchio would have added to the magistrates that they should reveal confidential information to Emiliano on his arrest would have been one “Roman fountain”. For the senator of Italia Viva and member of the Anti-Mafia Commission, Raffaella Shirtwhat happened makes even more “urgent” a “call of the president” which was already scheduled “regarding the events linked to the risks of mafia infiltration in the municipality of Bari”, which the Access Commission sent by the Interior Ministry is also investigating.

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The center-left feels under siege: the judicial troubles seem to bring forward the cherry picking and in this context the centre-right is pressing on several fronts: launching the race of the young Northern League member to the Municipality of Bari, Fabio Romito; at Palazzo di Città, and preparing to ask the Region for Emiliano’s resignation about a year before the end of his second mandate.

The centre-right regional councilors (Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, Lega and La Puglia Domani) have called a press conference on the political-administrative situation in the Regional Council for Monday 22 April at 10.30 am. The appointment is in the room on the second floor – East side of the Bari Regional Council Building.

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