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Shopify founder replaces employees with AI

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Shopify founder replaces employees with AI

Fully relies on AI – also to replace parts of the stumbling support team: the German Shopify founder Tobi Lütke. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

The step came almost by announcement. In a statement on the company’s layoffs in May this year, in which 20 percent of the workforce had to go, Shopify boss Tobi Lütke wrote that the tech industry was now “at the beginning of the AI ​​era”. In addition, “Shopify has the privilege of being one of the companies that have the best chance of using AI to help our customers,” Lütke wrote.

Shopify has launched a beta of an AI-driven assistant for its Help Center, the website where merchants can get answers to questions about running their business. The tool takes over some of the tasks that have traditionally been handled by Shopify customer support staff.

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