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Software “back the pot”? Sanhua Zhikong clarifies that the product is related to the Tesla recall – Tesla Tesla electric car – cnBeta.COM

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Software “back the pot”? Sanhua Zhikong clarifies that the product is related to the Tesla recall – Tesla Tesla electric car – cnBeta.COM

Recently, Tesla’s large-scale recall incident and the use of Sanhua intelligent control expansion valve news have brought this leading thermal management company to the forefront of public opinion. The recall announcement issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation of China shows that the heat pump electronic expansion valve of some vehicles within the scope of the recall will move slightly when positioning. Because the software (version 2021.44 to 2021.44.30.6) does not have a corrective function, it may cause the valve to partially open in the long term and the heat pump The compressor stops working and the heating function in the car fails.

Under the above conditions, especially when the temperature outside the vehicle is lower than minus 10 degrees Celsius, the operation of the windshield defrosting system cannot achieve the defrosting effect stipulated by the relevant national laws and regulations. There is a possibility of a collision risk when the vehicle is driving in cold weather, and there is a potential safety hazard.

On the evening of February 20, Sanhua Zhikong disclosed a clarification announcement saying that as of now, the company has not received Tesla’s quality complaints about the electronic expansion valve itself related to this problem. Expansion valve is irrelevant. According to the announcement, it was confirmed that the problem was caused by the interruption of the communication of the controller. When the running software of the heat pump model (version 2021.44 to 2021.44.30.6) was interrupted by the communication of the controller, the vehicle software could not close the electronic expansion valve. That said, problematic vehicle recalls are software “pots.”

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The reporter asked Tesla to verify the content, and the other party said: “We have no confirmation of this information for the time being.”

For this rumor, Sanhuazhi Holdings also fried the pot. In order to clarify itself as soon as possible, on the evening of February 19, Sanhua Zhikong responded to the media’s “disengagement” with Tesla, saying that “relevant online reports are untrue, and the company has never publicly claimed that it is a supplier of Tesla. , this matter must have nothing to do with us, we have a non-disclosure agreement with our customers, and even if there is one, it will not be disclosed to the public.”

However, Sanhua Zhikong may have forgotten that the Internet “has a memory” for the statement that “it has never claimed to be a supplier of Tesla in public.”

The reporter’s query on the investor relations interactive platform of Panorama Network showed that as early as April 2017, Sanhua Zhikong had mentioned that Tesla was a customer of the company’s acquisition of the asset “Sanhua Auto Zero”; and in September 2017 Since this month and during 2018, Sanhua Zhikong has publicly replied to investors that the company is a supplier of Tesla’s new energy thermal management products, and has signed a supply contract with Tesla, and the products have been matched on many Tesla models. ; The company also publicly made remarks such as “will supply synchronously with Tesla’s production increase” and “Model 3 heavy volume will improve the company’s performance”.

On February 15, Sanhua Zhikong mentioned in an investigation by several institutions that at present, the product supply is in short supply, the production schedule is busy, and the production line is normally tight.

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