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Subaru Outback, the sixth series debuts but it is not hybrid

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The sixth generation of the Subaru Outback follows the tradition without considering electrification, but is the result of a real revolution. In fact, the metamorphosis of the Outback starts from the modular SGP architecture and combines the moderate stylistic evolution with both greater dimensions, as the length reaches 4.82 meters and the width at 1.87 meters, and different proportions. The latter made it possible to create a more spacious interior and a larger trunk (522 liters) than in the past.

The passenger compartment is functional and refined, thanks also to the leap in construction quality and materials. The atmosphere is influenced by the design of the dashboard on two levels and the center console, occupied by the 11.6 ”vertical touch display of the infotainment system, with which one interacts instinctively thanks to the rational graphic interface. The passage in the tailor’s shop also brought practical solutions to the Outback such as the bars above the roof with crossbars that are positioned by rotating them towards the opposite side and the water-repellent upholstery for the seats.

The new Outback is always powered by a 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder petrol not electrified but now with direct injection, which develops 169 horsepower and a torque of 252 Nm. Impresses a speed of 193 per hour and the possibility of reaching at 100 per hour in 10 ”2, against an average distance of 13.5 kilometers and CO2 emissions of 169 g / km. The continuously variable gear change of the ratio, although improved in terms of responsiveness and with eight predefined gears, and the Symmetrical all-wheel drive, but with the X-Mode functionality integrated by settings for treacherous funds.

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The new Outback is even more SUV thanks to the height from the ground that reaches 21.3 centimeters, but it always drives like a station wagon. In fact, when it leaves the asphalt it moves easily even in rather demanding situations while on the road it is comfortable, rather rigorous and easily manageable. This is also due to the linearity of delivery of the engine impressed by the improvements from which, however, one should not expect a temperament beyond the brilliant even by selecting the Sport configuration.

The Outback is on sale in the Style, 4Dventure and Premium versions at prices ranging from 43,000 to 49,000 euros. In all cases, the equipment includes level 2 semi-assisted driving and many safety systems.

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