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Superb wagon, SUVs and fleets in the sights

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Superb wagon, SUVs and fleets in the sights

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Lots of space, first-class comfort and a major technological refresh that brings it up to date in terms of on-board entertainment and active safety. Here is the new Skoda station.

2024 sees a transversal renewal among the brands of the Volkswagen group and also Skoda Superb Wagon, the flagship for the Czech manufacturer, embraces the technological innovations of the Mqb-Eev platform. Indeed, it does more: the Volkswagen wagon was announced first, but Skoda was the one to which the Group entrusted the joint development of the Passat/Superb project, then leaving the final design to the style centers of the individual brands, even with the obvious constraints on the sheet metal.

Digital systems stand out on the dashboard

Both cars in Italy will only be wagons, and both wink at fleets given that the private customer in this category is almost a unicorn because he prefers SUVs. With the Superb Wagon, however, the strategy differs slightly from its Volkswagen-branded sister, and the entry-level trim already starts with a much richer package and with the intermediate diesel engine, the tried-and-tested 2.0 Tdi in the 150 hp intermediate cut ( Passat instead starts from 122 hp). And for those looking for petrol? There is, it is a mild-hybrid as is now mandatory given the emission regulations and responds to the name of Tsi 1.5 mHEV with 150 hp. On the road they are enough for one or two passengers who never travel too loaded, but those who often cover many kilometers and with a full car will find a much more substantial boost from the diesel.

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The practicality is undoubted: you are comfortable inside, the interior is rational with plenty of space for small objects and good finishes, while the Simply Clever solutions help in everyday life (there is also a screen cleaner). The car is 4.9 meters long, furthermore the boot is record-breaking: 690 liters with a large loading mouth and a low threshold made flat to simplify operations.

It doesn’t come cheap because the petrol starts at 44,250 euros and the diesel starts at almost 47 thousand euros (46,950 euros to be precise), figures referring to the Selection trim level. However, it is not the usual business version, a company fleet format lacking in content: there is adaptive and predictive cruise control, full LED headlights, the front seats are heated, the infotainment is the complete one with integrated navigator that works even offline and projects images on a valid 13-inch display. Furthermore, parking sensors are everywhere and there is also 10-inch digital instrumentation in the basic package (a downward option that could have been avoided).

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